Tyler Perrys Temptation Confessions Counselor

Runtime: 1 hour, 51 minutes
Director: Tyler Perry
Starring: Jurnee Smollett-Bell,Vanessa Williams,Brandy Norwood
IMDB: 4.9
Genres: Drama, Thriller
Studio: Lionsgate
MPAA rating: PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)
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Tyler Perry delivers a powerhouse drama like no other. A marriage counselor’s personal and professional life becomes complicated after she enters into a relationship with a client.

I loved it !

I really enjoyed this movie and was happy to see African Americanactors acting through a ‘normal script’ dealing with the reality ofwhat can happen in the life of a couple…rather refreshing that it wasnot an over the top outrageous loud comedy (and I am black by the way).Kim K. was surprisingly OK in this movie. I expected her to suck butshe did a decent job. Although it wasn’t as though she was playing areally complicated role like the Iron Lady role or the lead role on TheHelp. Still, she was fine. Overall, I couldn’t keep my eyes off themovie Vanessa Williams. It was evident that Vanessa Williams and Brandywere more experienced as actors among the cast but still, I was notdisappointed in the performance of the other cast members. Well doneTyler Perry.

This movie was very good!

I think this movie was excellent! And honestly I think that people maynot like the message because it hits home… The actors were great, allof them even Kim K. I think the underline message is to pay attention.The main character started off very morally sound but as she wasexposed to a more secular part of life it became addicting. Havingunprotected sex is not worth the risk of all it comes with and not justan unwanted pregnancy. HIV is the number one killer for young AfricanAmericans. And just because someone looks safe it doesn’t mean theyare. And just because they are your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse itdoesn’t mean they are faithful and practicing safe sex. This is proofthat communication is key. But as a counselor I feel the main charactershould have been able to communicate better with her own spouse… Overall great movie… Not a fully happy ending but I realistic one. Iteach my son every action has a consequence whether its good or bad andwe either live with them or die…

People over think the simplest things..

While I was reading the reviews to this movie I thought to myself dopeople really think too much about a movie they watch? Obviously.. Whenyou think of Tyler Perry movies you think of comedy and drama. WhenMadea isn’t in a Tyler Perry movie it is going to be more serious thenthe rest. However, obviously people do not realize this. This movieTemptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor indicates that there ismore too Tyler Perry movies then Madea. This movie was deep and showswhat people think when their life is turned upside down by 1 person.This movie shows what it is like to have a major event change yourlife. Personally speaking I have never been through an experience shownin this movie, but the big thing is is that you can imagine thishappening to you. Other people obviously cannot take a hour and fortyminutes while watching a movie to see this. I feel sorry for people whohave no imagination of being able to step out of their life and enjoy amovie THAT THEIR WATCHING! Great movie…If you can step out of yourlittle world and enjoy a movie then it is a must see. Will make youthink about your own life…

The Movie Was AWESOME!!!

First off I will admit that the beginning of the movie is kinda sucky.Kim Kardashian…I like her and all but she is a TERRIBLE actress lol.I liked that she was in the movie though and noticed her acting got alittle better throughout the movie. Anyways once you are like 40minutes into the movie it starts to get pretty good. This movie wasexciting, and goes deep! Although I think Judith shouldn’t have cheatedon her husband. Yes I know he didn’t pay that much attention to her,and he forgot her birthday and so on and so forth. BUT he was a goodman, and if she needed excitement she should have found something forBOTH of them to do to liven up their marriage. Also Harvey was way toopushy and basically forced everything on her. He knew what he wantedwhen he saw her and just kept plotting and planting stuff in her headuntil she began to accept it and believe she wanted him. Also I feellike things happen too fast in this movie, like there’s no real buildup. And the bosses fake accent was sucky as well. All & all it’s adecent movie the further you get into it.

Deep lesson for us women…

I watched the movie 4 days ago and I am still thinking about how truethat movie is for a lot of women. It may not have a same ending, but ithas other similar ones. The movie seems slow and senseless at thebeginning, but then it gets intense and you are afraid to say aloud: "Iwas like that at one point." Then, when is getting closer to the end itkeeps you holding your breath to let it go once you see the shockingend. I love the fact that in my case it made me see and feel good withmyself because I picked the right guy.This should be a series withdifferent marriage topics. Mr. Perry as always I love your talent andthe ability to talk about relationships and include how important isGod in everything.

The movie is based on a real life scenario that turns out to have a plot twist.

Movie Review

Notably, one of the best movies I have ever seen is Tyler Perry’sTemptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor gets a five out of fivein my book. The movie starts off in the setting of a counselor’s officewhere Judith, one of the main characters, is a marriage counselor. Inthe scene there is obviously a couple facing troubles in theirmarriage. The same situation, they are going through is one of whichJudith went through in her life. At this point, the movie switchesgears. Judith gives the couple a real life story based on the exactthing she went through. I favor this part the best because it makes youreally have to pay attention to the story, and if you miss somethingyou will probably be lost for the remainder of the movie. Usually whenthere is a romantic drama it is almost always predictable. The movieitself is all around creative, thrilling, and legendary. Its suspenseand detailing story line left me wanting to watch it over and overagain.

The author of the movie, Tyler Perry, is well known for movies of thisgenre, romantic thrillers. Based off my knowledge of the director Iknew the film would be outstanding. Usually when he does movies, hedoes a playwright first. After seeing the play, I did not think thedirector would change much, but he did. I think his change were for thebenefit of the movie having an exciting end. I think Perry’s purposewas to leave the watchers feeling as if he is an incredible director.While the director adds drama and excitement, the actors make the moviemore entertaining. Lance Gross and Jurnee Smollett-Bell are both knownfor roles they play in dramas. The two actors were very good together,and viewers could tell they were very comfortable. In the movie, Lanceshows his true acting skills by making the scene come to life. Example,before Judith started her affair he had a whole portraying his undyinglove for actor Judith. In the scene, he sings a song on his guitar in avery jokingly way. When Judith started her affair it was very prevalentthat Lance felt the emotions in real life. Usually when you see movieswith emotional scenes the actors are fake crying, but for him the tearswere real. For actor Kim Kardashian, her role was the gossipingcoworker. In real life she is very popular, and usually is in the scenewhen it comes to gossip. For her I know that playing the role was not ahard task. The actors of the movie I feel were very well chosen, andthey all worked well together. From the setting of the condo, the movielooked as if it were filmed in California, or Florida. The scenes wererealistic and obviously could tell hard work was put into it. The moviedisplays realistic and unrealistic scenarios. The original couplestarts in what it seems as a small condominium, which is typical forjust married couples. Both Judith and Lance did not have outstandingpaying jobs, so the condominium seemed very appropriate. Whereas, themillionaire who needed help find a wife lived in a very upscalecondominium what looked to fit his lifestyle. Seeing the two differentcondominiums all made sense to me. It also makes sense why Judith wouldwant to have an affair because a nice place and a man with money isusually what sparks women interest. Nowadays that is not the best routeas you would see in the movie those men are usually cheaters andabusers. Overall, the movie, actors, and scenery was a great choice forthis movie. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes romantic dramas.

Don’t Believe the Bad Reviews

Firstly, a standing ovation to Tyler Perry for this brilliant moviethat is much needed for this generation where divorces and adultery area daily routine. Secondly, this is just about the most touching moviefor anyone who really wants to know the value of marriage, the trials,the tribulations and how you need to work together to see it through.If you’re one who likes a fake relationship or live in a Cinderellastory then this is not for you. This movie is the sore reality of whatyou need to deal with if you value the world more than what the divineone has in store for you.

I absolutely loved this movie and I thank Tyler Perry and everyoneinvolved, who made this!!

Touches on what most people will never understand

Brilliant story, acting needs work… "Movie should be a stepping stonewhen trying to bring a meaningful message across to audiences" Thismovie is the line between write and wrong. It highlights things thatare seen by many in todays society as a fulfilled life, fancy thingsthat means nothing! It screams out for people to remember family forwhat it means/represents in life. Most people will not understand themessage Tyler Perry brings through this movie as they are consumed bywhat life offers today. Stop being ruled by this world and make yourmark on it. I gave it a 10 out of 10 not because of the acting butbecause of the message it brings.

Loved this Movie

Oh my goodness this movie was the bomb! First I must say that thelesson taught in this movie is accurate, cheat on your loving faithfulspouse and there will be consequences, you may not see the consequencesimmediately but your sins will eventually find you out, and they didfor the unfaithful wife. And she had to live with the consequences eventhough everyone forgave her for the infidelity. Secondly, it showed howeasily it is to fall into an inappropriate relationship, that’s why Ithink Kim Kardashian did a great job of acting (although largelyplaying what she does in real life, which is to be concerned with theexternals). It was Kim’s influence of external beauty that fueled thefire of the movie. I tell you this film is one that will keep you onthe straight and narrow in your personal marital life. This is a mustsee movie!

It is worth the watch – Do not believe the nay sayers!

I have to say I am no longer a Tyler Perry fan but I like the leadactress in the movie since Eve’s Bayou so I purchased the movie insupport of her NOT him. In watching the movie is began very slow, but Igot passed that. Also do you best to stomach through Kim Kardashian’sscreens – she must have paid Tyler Perry to played in the movie; thisis a spoiler (maybe not) but she can-NOT act. The movie has a few funnymoments, the actors weren’t on their "A" game in the film more like a"C" or "D+", but the message in the movie makes it all worth watchingfor people of all ages and races. Especially for those individuals thatare in relationships that believe it is greener on the other side. Thereason why I gave it 5 stars because the message is what makes thisfilm powerful. if you do not want to buy at least rent it; the messageis a good one. NLR

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