Super High Me Zach Galifianakis

Runtime: 1 hour, 30 minutes
Director: Michael Blieden
Starring: Brian Unger,Gary Cohan,Robert Gore
IMDB: 6.1
Genres: Documentary, Comedy
Studio: Screen Media
MPAA rating: R (Restricted)
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Comedian and former Stoner of the Year, Doug Benson, brings you a hilarious documentary, SUPER HIGH ME. While smoking marijuana for 30 days, he endures medical, IQ and psychic evaluations providing unexpected results. Along the way Doug performs across the country and hangs with fellow notable comedians, creating an entertaining look at a controversial subject.

Great fun with a serious side.

Before saying anything about this movie let me say this. I do not smokepot.

I rented this movie thinking oh great, a funny stand-up doing materialand thats what it was. A stand-up, who got all his stand-up friends todo little interviews about smoking pot. I gotta say, was laughing likecrazy through most of it. But mixed in, was a lot of serious opinionand anger about government control of pot and clashes between state andfederal laws.

If you are looking for something truly scientific and credible, thisisn’t it. If you are looking for a good time and don’t mind someopinions, I highly highly recommend this movie. Doug Benson is funny asare his friends who appear and even the studies are funny.

Watch it, enjoy it, don’t take it seriously!

Great Movie!

I think this movie did an absolutely AMAZING job and portraying a wellrounded idea for educated and non educated people on the topic ofMedical marijuana..WHICH IS ALL MARYJUANA ON ALL PEOPLE..

Considering an unmistakable amount of health benefits of Medicalmarijuana are for psycho-somatic DIS-EASES. Which I feel confident arethe cause for over 95% of the most common dis-seases.

Anyway Very Informative, But a the same time, Absolutely hilarious!Such a Creative and unique sense of humor! Very Quick styled.Intelligent jokes as well with a lot of Great speeches along the way byWisely chosen interviewees. ( if thats a word)hahah.. (the peoplegetting interviewed). still kinda high..and well…This is the first time I’vewritten a comment on any movie…And please understand the magnitude ofthat statement. I have over 700 gigs of movies and documentaries instorage space. 95% are docs. And THIS is the first movie that createdthe atmosphere along with some good white widow from Amsterdam for meto receive the intuition and create the motivation to Find theunderstanding and the potential benefits of WRITING A Comment FOR AMOVIE!!!

HAHA Very long sentence. I paused the movie over 50 times to listen tojokes twice. Along with Writing down over 1000 words about names,statements, ideas, and understanding received directly from the heavensabove and below.

Anyway…GREAT MOVIE! ID WATCH IT AGAIN. WITH SOME CHOSENINTELLECTUAL…….Smokers. seriously.. By the end of themovie…they well all be smokers.


— Joan Bello’s — "THE BENIFITS OF MARIJUANA: -physical,psychological and spiritual -"

I think some of these comments are missing the point, maybe.

While I agree that this is not the most political nor the mostmedically conclusive of documentaries, it seems to me that this missesthe whole point of what the filmmakers were trying to do. There is noneed for another "Grass" type documentary — as that one alreadyexists. Super High Me is a comedy first and a documentary second. Andthat’s OK. More than OK, it might even be better, because it has thepotential (since it is funny and entertaining as well as informative)to reach a wider audience and make more people aware of the entiremedical marijuana issue, the existence of ‘dispensaries’ in Californiaand the conflict between state and federal laws.

So is there another more activist documentary to be made about medicalmarijuana? Sure. But it would probably be boring and no one wouldreally go see it. (Kinda like the fate of "Grass" for example.) Thisone is fun AND informative. And it will probably do very well and getmore people talking about the issues, even more than if it were a"real" documentary.

You wanna get high?

It’s 4/20 and I couldn’t have found a more appropriate date to watchthis movie. It stars comedian Doug Benson, who I knew from TheMarijuana-Logues.

As Benson describes in the beginning of the film, the basic premise islike the one in "Super Size Me", but with pot instead of McDonald’s.

He goes through 30 days of "detox" only to spend another 30 dayssmoking marijuana non-stop. He has ‘tests’ done, interviews a bunch ofother comedians and his stand-up routines all intertwined with the’experiment’. This makes for a nice, light-hearted, fun movie. There’soffensive language, but it’s what you’d expect from stand-up comedians.

Stoners will certainly find something to enjoy here. And although thismovie is a comedy and Doug claims he just wants to get stoned, thereare a few key moments in the film that show people who actually needmedical marijuana and the ridiculous state of affairs in which the DEAviolates state laws and makes things difficult for folks that are inpain – these moments are intense and sad. One can only hope this willchange in the near future.

Had this movie turned into a more political direction, it would bedeserving of a much higher mark, in my opinion. As it stands, it’s anice and funny movie about pot and I’m glad I had the chance to watchthis today and celebrate.

Peace out, 8/10

Fun, wholesome film

This film is a lighthearted, funny, and wholesome presentation of (1)the conflict between state medical marijuana laws and federal anti-druglaws, and (2) the evidence that marijuana can’t do you much harm. Ifyou are steeped in cannabis culture or follow legal developmentsconcerning medical marijuana, none of the information will be new toyou. You already know that the war on drugs is out of step with thescience about cannabis use, and you know the current state of the lawaffecting medical dispensaries. Benson is likable and wholesome, andthe movie is pleasant and funny. Because the movie is not dense orrighteous, it has the capacity to reach interested folks who aren’talready in the know and don’t want to hear a rant about legalization.

Funny, Yet Still Informative

Being about a comedian, this is seriously funny. I will admit, I wasmoderately high the entire time I watched this. It only makes all thecomedy that much better. There’s a lot of California history that wasinteresting to look back on as we struggle, in 2016, against Californiacities trying to ban all forms of personal marijuana. I laughed a lot,and wished it was slightly longer. Yep, I wished a documentary waslonger! Seriously though, it is well told and there is a lot ofinformation presented. Also, as someone who only got into marijuana(and was formerly against it) as the result of a medical diagnosis,this helped me accept the marijuana a little more.

JustCurious is JustMistaken

I wanted to comment on JustCurious’ review when he stated "But if thisis the best they can do, it should perhaps offer some caution about thedegree to which marijuana effects cognitive thinking skills andbehavior." I would like to remind JustCurious that in this film thetests (SAT & Psychic Test) are actually performed BETTER under theinfluence of marijuana then the same test taken without the influence.He did slightly lower on memory tests, but was still above averagerating.

Might also throw in there that this movie is available for instantwatching on Netflix.

I found this movie very informative and educational, it started a bitslow and dry but by the end if it I had a more solid feel of what thetruths and fallacies were with marijuana. It’s pretty enlightening tosee the plight and struggle of medical marijuana activists and peoplewho try to provide the service despite the attempts to foil them leadby the DEA.

Roll your own screening…

While currently on the festival circuit, Super High Me will be allowingaudiences to sign up for their own free screenings of the film on theofficial website ( in an attempt to initiate aseries of grassroots screening events across the country starting onApril 20th.

If any of u get the chance to watch it make sure u check the specialthanks list in the end credits for a funny easter egg. Super high medefinitely sits among some of the best stoner movies, rightbeside…Half Baked, Dazed and Confused, and Harold and Kumar. If youdon’t get a chance to see it before the DVD release on June 17thdefinitely drop by the movie’s site to get a free copy. RememberCucumber, Boat, Wire

Pass the lip balm, man.

Doug Benson, a stand-up comic you may know from VH1, got the idea tomake a documentary about himself smoking weed for 30 days. Ya know,just like Morgan Spurlock from Super-size Me where he ate McDonald’sfor 30 straight days. This has got to be one of the coolest ideas for adocumentary in the history of documentaries. It was a prettyinteresting flick, but unfortunately from a person who makes peoplelaugh for a living, not very funny.

The flick starts off with Doug not smoking for 30 days and then oncethat 30 day sequence ends he begins to smoke constantly for the next 30days. With each sequence he’s subject to a bunch of tests, from takingthe SATs to a psychic test. Also, he doesn’t quit his day job whilehe’s making the film. You get to see him perform his acts when he hasthem booked, high or not.

Doug Benson, is a pretty good comic. He has his own slightlyflamboyant, immature style, that he’s got down pretty well. He made mesmile a few times and possibly giggle once or twice, but none of it wasreally that funny. He talks about pot, about how it’s cool and hemisses it, and that’s about it. But if you’re a fan of Doug’s or standup comedy, you should definitely find this flick funny. The twofunniest scenes for me was when he wasn’t on stage telling jokes, butwhen one of the producers was making a mess of Doug’s apartment becauseof his butter fingers. And a fart gag with some tuba’s was nice.

Doug, even before he began this little experiment, was a pot-head.There’s no doubt about it. And this is what makes the whole process notso intriguing. If you know a seasoned burn-out, you know they tend tojust get stoned. They can easily be high in almost any situation. IfDoug wasn’t such a pot-head, it would have been much more entertaining.Morgan Spurlock was a very healthy person, so eating McDonald’s nonstopwould have drastic affects. But since Doug is a pot-head in real-lifethis little 30 day bender isn’t really anything too amazing to watch.He’s such a veteran smoker that he doesn’t exhibit any humorousside-effects. You don’t see him paranoid, see him geek-out in alaughing fit, seeing him cough his brains out etc. etc. Pretty much allthe things that’s made any Cheech and Chong flick incredibly funny. ButI do thank him for being a pot-head, if he wasn’t this movie probablywould never have been made.

Super High Me, was a cool documentary that gave some neat informationconcerning California laws, the history on Marijuana Dispensaries inCalifornia, and how many types of ways you can actually get high byTHC. Lip balm. Believe it.

I firmly believe that if Doug wasn’t a seasoned smoker this film wouldhave been much more funny. If you’ve seen one glassy-eyed pot-headyou’ve seen them all, and unfortunately his smoking didn’t help makehis stand-up act any funnier either. Then again, maybe I’m to blame.Maybe I need to lighten up and just light one up.

Funny insight

This is a tough one… I feel we would have had a very completeinformative, plus comical ride if the guy had not actually smoked butstuck with the vaporizing. Smoking, correct me if I am wrong here,smoking anything, can not be good for that soft tissue structure thatare the lungs! He could have tackled two birds with one stone in thiseven more so, if he cut out smoking because then, we have a betterpicture of the effects of THC…

Very good idea for documentary – would be interesting to see more testson this topic, to open it up a bit more. Is a tough one though becauseit is really recreationally widespread that sometimes the mecidinalside is over-shadowed. Maybe some more seriousness would make it moreof a documentary than this – but boy was it a good watch – stoner ornon stoner, this has it’s comedy about it.

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