Stage Mesa City Lash Rue

Runtime: 52 minutes
Director: Ray Taylor
Starring: Lash La Rue,Al St. John,Jennifer Holt
IMDB: 6.3
Genres: Western, Adventure, Action
Studio: Mr. FAT-W Video

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U.S. Marshal Lash La Rue figures out that Postmaster George Cheseboro is actually the brains behind a gang plotting to take over the stage coach line before it gets a lucrative contract to carry the mail.

I Love Lash LaRue!

I am giving this movie a 10 rating only because Lash was my first crushwhen we got our first television in the early 1950s. I also watchedEncore Westerns yesterday, the tribute to Lash showing six of hisMarshal Cheyenne Davis movies filmed in 1947. At the end of the sixhours, I was going bonkers. The music drove me crazy during the chasescenes, the same music in all six movies, thank goodness for the mutebutton. And Fuzzy St. John’s antics wore thin. I just wanted to seeLash give some lovely damsels a few smooches, but no such luck.

However, what a cheap movie company this was! In almost all of thefilms I watched yesterday, there were the same exact scenes over andover, in each of the movies. In two of the movies, there was the sameexact stagecoach chase with the same damsel in distress! Oh well, sowhat! I got to see my Lash in all his glory. My heart is still beatingwildly. What a guy!

Play before MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM for double feature

Since the comment from 2006 appears to be a competent remark from aLash Larue aficionado, this review can pass on from general critique tocultural juxtaposition. Whip-wielding Lash strips guns out ofhenchmen’s hands at about the 20:20 and 37:05 marks of this 51:39-longflick (faster-triggered opponents may have paraphrased Sean Connery’sfamous UNTOUCHABLES line: "It’s just like a Frenchman to bring a whipto a gunfight" while dispatching the hero with a well-placed shot).Unlike Frank Sinatra’s tormentor in THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM,handicapper subterfuge seems less character-driven than plot-drivenhere. Despite this script contrivance (and enough bling on Lash’s horseto give him a weight handicap worthy of Man-O-War), this film is morewatchable than that other drama about delivering U.S. mail, KevinCostner’s THE POSTMAN. Finally, the apparent disinterest of the MesaCity sheriff in apprehending his town’s nefarious element–leavingoutside troubleshooters to insure the triumph of good over evil–couldhave been ripped from today’s headlines nearly anywhere in America.

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