Solitary Amber Jaeger

Runtime: 1 hour, 31 minutes
Director: Greg Derochie
Starring: B. Anthony Cohen,Kieron Elliott,Amber Jaeger
IMDB: 5.5
Genres: Mystery
Studio: Gravitas Ventures
MPAA rating: NR (Not Rated)
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When Sara Ballard becomes trapped inside her suburban home by the sudden onset of agoraphobia, her fear becomes a nightmare when her husband mysteriously disappears.

I was more than amazed . . .

This was really a surprise, a film I had not really heard about, butjust took a bit of a chance with it, not knowing what to expect.

I was more than amazed . . . certainly one the most original conceptsfor a story I’ve seen yet in a film, and incredibly well delivered viaAmber Jaeger’s character.

This is probably her best work, at least that I know of, and a bit of arisky role to experiment with, but she pulls it off about as perfectlyas could possibly be done in the context of the story.

I’m not even going to give a hint at what eventually evolves out ofthis story as it unfolds . . . you’ll just have to sit down and absorbthis yourself. This is not an "action" thriller by any stretch of theimagination, but it is absolutely thought provoking.

I’m not even sure if there is anything I would try to compare this to,but no worries. I doubt you’ll be disappointed . . . definitely 10stars, and then some.

Totally Unique and Fascinating

This is not a great film, but it is far, far better than the 5 averageit has received. It is a mystery with a bit of science fiction added,and I suspect it is the science fiction part that is bothering some ofthe viewers. But even if you hate science fiction, you should give thismovie a view because it will keep you on the edge of your seat theentire time. Who is good and who is evil? You will not know until thevery end, and the ending will be nothing like you have seen before. Youwill be left breathless and it will make you think. The acting is verygood, and the timing and discontinuities are very well designed to keepyou guessing. Don’t miss this movie if you have a chance to see it.

I did NOT see this one coming!

Wow…. I just happened across this yesterday on the Direct TV channel"Chlller" and I thought…..Oh Ho hum another boring movie to fill intwo hours…" This one blew me away. I did NOT see the surreal twist atthe end coming and it was totally off the charts. It was confusing andconvoluted and you actually had to follow the plot……but they payoffat the end was well worth it. It left you scratching your head andwondering what was real and what wasn’t…and what you would do if youwere faced with that same situation…Locked doors, empty rooms andfrightening scenarios from beginning to end. My biggest complaint aboutthe movie?? The title does NOT do it justice. It needs a better title,a hook that will catch your attention. This one is worth watching,paying attention to and will leave you wondering what is real andwhat’s not.

Based on A Short Story

This film belongs–more or less–to the genre of the, "I’m alreadydead" film; probably the most well-known of which would be "The SixthSense." (See my review of "Donnie Darko" for a fuller list of movesthat use this device.) What makes this movie a bit different, is thatour protagonist is not exactly dead–she’s in a coma, fantasizing herentire life and it’s seemingly inexplicable oddities and terrors.Moreover, her psychiatrist in her fantasy is in reality the doctorpresiding over her life support. The movie goes in for a bit of sci-fi,in that the doctor has some kind of techie wizardry that allows him towitness and participate in the patient’s subconscious. The point ofthis "mind reading" is for the doctor to bring the patient to anunderstanding of her situation, so that she can choose either to stayon life support and live a dream life for the rest of her biologicalexistence, or to die and move on. The rationality here is that it isthe patient–not her loved ones–making the choice.

Sort of cool. But it’s a dead steal from a science fiction storywritten at least 40 years ago, which used this exact same idea. Thefilm makers could easily be sued for plagiarism if the original writerever found out about the existence of this film. I don’t remember thename of the story or it’s author or even whether I read it in amagazine or a book all those years ago. But it just goes to show thereis nothing new under the sun.

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