Skulls II Robin Dunne

Runtime: 1 hour, 39 minutes
Director: Joe Chappelle
Starring: Robin Dunne,Nathan West,Ashley Tesoro
IMDB: 4.6
Genres: Thriller
Studio: NBC Universal
MPAA rating: R (Restricted)
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This suspenseful sequel to the acclaimed thriller follows an unsuspecting college student who is drawn into the mysterious underworld of the nation’s most powerful secret society.

Skulls 2 is a hit ; a real sleeper!!

Excellent film that is much better than the original. Robin Dunne hasso much more appeal than Joshua Jackson. I wonder why Dunne doesn’t getbetter roles? Maybe he needs a new agent. The film features Dunne asRyan Sommers, an Ivy League stud who is tapped for a secret societycalled The Skulls. Joining this club is a dream come true for everyhot-blooded college man and at first all is well. Then when Ryanwitnesses the death of another student, all kinds of danger anddeception occur. This film is so good, it makes me want to go back tohigh school and study more for the SAT so I can get into Yale. Anyway,Sommers’ love interest Kelly played by Lindy Booth is also veryappealing. Listen to the closing credits music as well. It’s quitegood. I definitely recommend this film to others.

For those who didn’t watch the first movie

OK, I respect anyones opinion of this movie… although those whohaven’t seen the first film will not understand the second! For one…the money the society gets is from all the previous members… itexplains in the first film that it is a rule that once they leaveschool and get a job some of their earnings belong to the skullssociety! Like I said I respect anyones views on any film but before youconsider to judge the second in a trilogy and get confused then youneed to learn to watch them in order before judging the film! I lovethe full set of films although the first one was my favourite since itgave more information about the secret society and its rules!

I loved it!

This Skulls sequel is much better than the first! I didn’t have muchfaithin it when i rented it, but it ended up being an exciting suspensefulthriller, with a great story line. I loved Lindy Booth in it, she’sadorable. I recommend this movie to anyone who liked (or hated) thefirst. Ireally liked it. 10 out of 10.

An excellent sequel to a good film.

I enjoyed The Skulls a good deal on account of some charismatic acting by anumber of individuals led by Paul Walker. It was not, however, as enjoyablea film as I had been led to believe but curiosity resulted in my watchingThe Skulls II. Was I disappointed? Certainly not! This film is much betterthan the original. The actors are certainly no less charismatic. The plotis infinitely better and the interplay between the characters leaves thefirst film looking worse than it had seemed at the time. I expect that mostpeople will dismiss this film without watching it, as a sequel to anunspectacular film does not exactly draw the crowds. It would, however, betheir loss if this were so. I am certainly pleased that I have seenit.

Not Bad, Not Good either!

A young college co-ed seeks to join an all male fraternity following the death of her brother, as she also seeks the approval of her father who has never been anything but cold to her because of her gender. In her quest, she endangers the lives of every and any body who is close to her, including her best friend roommate as well as her boyfriend. When she is denied access into the cult, she threatens to take a civil action against the leaders and is granted temporary access to be tapped as an inductee. Someone on the inside certainly doesn’t want this outside in there and so makes life extremely uncomfortable for the inductee as she makes her rounds, hoping to become a full fledge member. Things go terribly awry on campus when she makes it into the fraternity as its only female member.

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