Shadows Sun Harvey Keitel

Runtime: 1 hour, 39 minutes
Director: Brad Mirman
Starring: Harvey Keitel,Claire Forlani,Giancarlo Giannini
IMDB: 6.8
Genres: Drama, Romance, Comedy
Studio: Peace Arch
MPAA rating: NR (Not Rated)
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An aspiring young writer tracks a literary titan suffering from writer’s block to his idyllic refuge in rural Italy and falls for his idol’s daughter.


I also saw this movie at one of the advance screenings. This is myfirst time posting on this site, but after seeing this film I had to. Ihave always loved Italy, in particular, Tuscany. This movie capturesthe feel of small village life perfectly. Being a huge Joshua Jacksonfan I was eager to see the film and I was not disappointed. Jackson andKeitel are wonderful together and the story of this young, reservedwriter who is afraid to follow his heart and the older writer who isafraid he cannot be what he once was is magical.

We all live our lives with, hopes, dreams and desires and somehowthrough time they seem to fade away. This movie deals with the courageit takes to truly follow your heart and do the things you love most.

Of course it is more than that, because Jackson’s character also fallsin love with Keitels daughter… but will he find the strength andconviction to make it work?

The scenery is fantastic. Ah, Tuscany, the golden light, the stonebuildings. Itr is almost as if the village they filmed in is anothercharacter in the movie. The lighting is wonderful, filled withshadows… but the key to the movie rests with the performances ofJackson, Keitel and Claire Forlani. Also the actors who play the priestand hotel owner are wonderful.

This is not a big movie… not a huge budget movie… it is a simplestory about life… love… and finding it within yourself to reach outand take hold of the things that are most important.

A truly enjoyable movie

A beautiful film

I saw this film at an advance screening. Jeremy (Joshua Jackson) worksfor a publisher in London and dreams of being a writer. When he is sentto a small village in Tuscany to find Weldon Parish (Harvey Keitel) areclusive writer who has stopped writing, his life is forever changed.What follows is a funny and heart-warming story of two men and theirjourney to overcome their fears. Keitel and Jackson are wonderful intheir roles. I was not quite sure what to expect from Jackson havingonly seen him play teenage roles before, but he shows that he can holdhis ground and carry and film on his own.

While there Jeremy meets Weldon’s daughter Isabella, played by thestunningly beautiful Claire Forlani and soon the two of them fall inlove.

Another star of this film is it’s locations. They are absolutelybreath-taking. If anyone knows the name of the village they filmed in Iwould love to know.

The director lets the actors do their job without obtrusive cameramoves. In my opinion there are too few movies like this made today.There is no action here, just real characters, with real problems. Thisis a movie about dreams and having the courage and faith to followthem.

A Beautiful, beautiful movie.

A wonderful movie filled with real emotion.

I completely fell in love with this movie. Every once in a while amovie comes along that touches your heart and soul. The Shadow Danceris such a film. I saw it at the incredible ancient amphitheatre inSicily at the Taormina Film Festival with an audience of some threethousand people and was completely swept up in the story… and I wasnot alone. Several times during the screening the audience broke out inspontaneous applause.

This film is for anyone who has ever dreamed. It follows the story ofJeremy (Joshua Jackson) a young writer who works for an Englishpublishing house. Jeremy dreams of being a novelist but can’t quite getpast his fear of making the commitment needed to do so. He is sent toItaly to find a world-famous reclusive writer Weldon Parish (HarveyKeitel) and convince him to write again. What follows is a journey ofexploration as Weldon tries to break Jeremy out of his shell, forcinghim to experience life… but the sword cuts both ways as Jeremy tries tomake Weldon face his own fears.

Keitel is absolutely fantastic as the older writer afraid he can neverbe what he once was. It is definitely his best performance since ThePiano. He makes you laugh with his crazy antics, but let’s you see deepenough inside him to realise it is all a front to hide the pain hefeels at not being able to write.

Jackson in the much more understated role shows that there is lifeafter ‘Dawson’s Creek’. The character of Jeremy is a long way off fromPacey Witter and he shows that he has made the move to the big screenwith confidence.

Claire Forlani (looking absolutely gorgeous) plays Weldon’s daughterand Jeremy’s love interest. The chemistry between them works very well.Giancarlo Giannini is the village priest and is absolutely wonderful.

The look of the movie is stunning. Golden light and shadows in a littlevillage tucked away in the Tuscan hills. Brad Mirman has created aworld that invites you in and makes you feel at times as if you arethere with them. The characters endear themselves to you and pull youinto their lives. You laugh with them, cry with them, sharing eachemotional turn in the story. There are scenes in the film where youdefinitely want to have a tissue handy and others where you may need atowel.

In my movie-going experience very few films have moved me like this onedid. For me movies are about moments. If you have enough of them totake away with you your memories of a film are good. The Shadow Danceris filled with many of these moments. It has only been a few days sinceI saw it, but the thoughts and images from the film have stayed withme. Surely, that’s the best testament there is to a great film. (10/10)

A fantastic movie

I see this movie at the festival at Cannes. I liked it very, very much.It is a very charming and moving story of love, loss and passion. It isfunny, but also very emotional and it capture nicely the feeling ofTuscana.

Harvey Keitel plays very well the older writer and you can feel thepain in him for not being able to write. Joshua Jackson (who I am agreat fan) is excellent as the young writer afraid to open his heart towriting and life. Claire Forlani is beautiful as the girl he falls inlove with and Giancarlo Gianinni… well it is Giancarlo Gianinni avery great actor. I also like very much all the other little characterswho live in the little village. They give very much credibility to thefilm, but the real story is with Keitel and Jackson and there journeytogether. It is here two men struggle to find the way to their dreams.’Chi cerca trova’.

This is a Delightful portrait of the unpredictability of the human heart

Certain films gather a collection of excellent marks such a beautifulcinematography, acting chemistry, simple and beautiful portrait ofrelationships, and a certain knack to make the film utterly enjoyable,such is the case with "Shadows in The Sun".

The true mark of an excellent film is how you feel when you finishviewing it, and how do you fell about seeing it again!, not what thecritics think or write about it, so in effect each films has its truevalue to each individual in itself, a larger acceptance leads togreater reputation, nevertheless to me it’s the whole perception toyour personal experience. Incidentally, I thought the director did agreat job of selecting the sequences, editing was excellent as well,the actors were well within their range, it was so smooth!.

To me this film is a "10", don’t miss it!

Fighting for Your Dreams

One life touches another – but sometimes one life pushes another intochange. A young, structured, yuppie book editor is sent to Tuscany toconvince a reclusive, eccentric brilliant author to return to writingby signing a book deal with his publishing house. In the process ofpressing for what his boss wants, he discovers more about the manbehind the words, as well as himself. The question is who is going tohelp who win the battle of realizing ones dreams.

How this film escaped the attention of the Academy Awards Committee isbeyond me. It starts with one of the most intelligently and beautifullycrafted scripts that has ever been written, weaving a simple plot linewith exquisite dialogue and very powerful human emotions. The cast isphenomenal. Every performance is so strong yet subtle, it is impossibleto imagine anyone else in any of the roles, and leaves you wanting toknow more about every character. The direction is exactly what itshould be – a synthesis of all creative efforts from all of the diverseinputs. The movie is also sculpted with magnificent cinematography, andof course, topped off with an amazing sound track.

You will LOVE this movie if you enjoy any of these: artistic dialogue,great performances, breathtaking visuals, subtlety, honesty, dreamers,or romance.


I loved this film from the start, Keitel is wonderful as always, therest of the cast is well played, the film is great if you a big fan ofHarvey Keitel, the rest of the cast of just a good comedy! But some mayfind it boring. Frankly I loved the film!!! If you like Harvey Keitelthis may be a good movie to watch for you, some parts of this film isnot family scenes, so if you’d like to watch a nice happy family moviewith nothing bad and no adult language this might not be the best movieto gather your kids around the television to watch. This film doescontain some adult situations that might not be suitable for somepeoples children, I do think this is a wonderful film but some may notlike it.

Beautiful, funny and romantic

A fabulous movie for the romantic, both young and old, set in ruralItaly with gorgeous scenery and lovely buildings and villages, andfeaturing lovely music. A bit of strong but dry humour splashed thruout to keep you smiling. Pleasingly, no bad language to speak of and nooffensive scenes, a pleasant change these days. A nice easy storylineand well picked actors to fit the characters. Great for anyone with apassion for Italy as the attitude of the villagers is so very typicalof the local Italians in a rural area of the Italian countryside.Definitely a delightful movie for all ages. Similar in my opinion toboth Under the Tuscan Sun and Tea with Mussollini, yet not quite asdramatic a story line. Also similar in style to movies such asNottinghill and Love Actually, even though I was not as familiar withthe actors. If anyone enjoys a good romantic comedy then this isdefinitely for them. I saw this movie on a flight several months agoand have not forgotten it and have looked in every video store to findwhen it will be released. So it obviously stuck in my mind.

Even my husband appreciated the film!

Even though the film is labeled as a romantic comedy, the main argumentof the story is not the romance between the characters, but therelationship between the older writer and the younger writer. Theromance that happens in the story is just a bonus. This made itenjoyable for my husband (who hates romantic comedies and will neverwatch them with me). So, guys, if you want to get on your girlfriend’s/ wife’s good side, rent this movie and offer to watch it with them.Yes, it is a beautiful picture, and yes, people kiss, but the movie ismore than that.

For those who would like to explore the situation between the twowriters, look into something called the "homosocial" by Sedgwick (hasnothing to do with "homosexuality"). This movie is a good example ofthat.

The dance scene is just breathtaking (guys, take note). They never taketheir eyes off each other without missing a beat (of course it is justa movie), but imagine that in real life, with the love of your life.Can you imagine the "making love" afterward?!

I wish they had done the party scene a bit longer. As another personsuggested, it would have been great to tie the comment made earlier inthe movie about dancing with this scene. It sounds as if he was not agood dancer and then to dance like that; the movie needs something totie the two situations. And yes, the movie does have its smallproblems, but overall it is a good movie and nice to watch.

I was not a fan of Joshua Jackson, I liked watching Dawson’s Creekevery once in a while, but that was it. I think he has "blossomed" intoa very handsome man. I believe he can handle bigger roles. I am so gladhe left the teenage-type films behind. I wish I could find a guy thatlooked like that! (I hope my husband doesn’t read this!)

Does anyone know exactly where in Italy did they shoot the scene of thefinal confrontation between Joshua Jackson’s and Harvey Keitel’scharacters? It looks like hot springs or something, but you can tellthat is not hot water. That place is absolutely beautiful and looksvery refreshing! When I go to Italy I want to go there but I would liketo have the name of the place so I can ask.

Loved it!

Now if only USA would print it and rent it out on Netflix! Actually, itwas so good I may just have to purchase it (if I can find it) and addit to my collection. I’ve never seen Harvey Keitel in such a movingrole. Joshua Jackson also played out of his norm and really has provedhimself to be quite the up and coming actor. This type of romanticcomedy is a good genre for him. The two together were a splendid pairof both comic and dramatic affect. I especially liked the scene whereWeldon and his gang of Italian buds take Jeremy home from the bar,after a few too many drinks, and act as though they are dropping himinto a lake, feet bound and arms tied to a tire rim. Then the town’spriest proceeds to baptize Jeremy (in the very shallow pond as it turnsout to be) although he’s already Jewish. Very cute.

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