Robinson Crusoe Pierce Brosnan

Runtime: 1 hour, 30 minutes
Director: Rod Hardy, George Miller
Starring: Pierce Brosnan,William Takaku,Polly Walker
IMDB: 5.9
Genres: Drama, Adventure
Studio: Lionsgate
MPAA rating: PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)
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Robinson Crusoe is trapped on a deserted island after a disastrous shipwreck. He discovers that a local tribe, which uses his island for barbaric sacrificial rituals, threatens his life.

Don’t pay attention to the ‘Book Snobs’. It’s a Good Movie!

I don’t know why people are so down on this movie. Why does every moviemade from a book have to be faithful to every bit of dialogue orthought? What happened to poetic license? So what it’s not faithful tothe book. It’s a really entertaining and touching movie with a moral.It made me want to open my copy of the book and actually re-read it.You people need to lighten up! Pierce Brosnan is wonderful and yes, Iforgot his James Bond persona when watching. Mr. Takaku is wonderfultoo. He brings a dignity to the character that is certainly not in thebook. The movie version brings up some interesting racial and religioussidebars too, which are handled very nicely. I have seen this movieseveral times and the ending is always heart-wrenching. I end up intears every time. No it’s not Academy Award stuff but it’s veryworthwhile watching. All in all a nice little gem of a movie. Enjoy!

An Excellent Adaptation Of A Classic Book!

I’ve no idea why this lovely film received such ridiculously lowrating. Perhaps most of the critics are disappointed because the scriptdoes not follow faithfully the book. Well, it doesn’t have to. Duringthe opening credits it is stated that the film is based on the"Adventures of Robinson Crusoe". If this is of any consolation, I cantell you that the original novel, which was published on 25 April 1719,had run thru 4 editions by the end of the year and that by the end ofthe 19th century it had many more editions, spin-offs and translations.To date there are more than 700 alternative versions of it! (CheckWikipedia) So, to those who wrote that Daniel Dafoe would turn in hisgrave if he could see the film – do not worry about that, he wouldn’t!

The script writers Christopher Lofton, Tracy Keenan Wynn andChristopher Canaan have done a fine job modernizing the novel andcompressing it to fit the story in a 90 min. screenplay. The romance isbeautiful and adds nice, elegant touch to the plot.

It’s 1703, Scotland. Robinson Crusoe is forced to duel a friend,Patrick O’Conner over his childhood sweetheart. The duel ends withPatrick’s death and Robinson must flee the country. He sets off on ayear long sea voyage. An ocean storm wrecks his ship and leaves himstranded on an uninhabited island. It’s a matter of survival for himand his only companion, the late captain’s dog Skipper, until he meetsFriday, a tribesman whom he saves from being sacrificed. The two menstruggle at first, but gradually manage to build strong bond despitetheir cultural and religious differences.

The plot is complex. I find it thought provoking and inspirational. Thesoundtrack is lovely, the cinematography beautiful. To me, thehighlight in the film is the superb acting by both Pierce Brosnan(Robinson Crusoe) and William Takaku (Friday). Their final scene, onceagain a forced fight between friends, will stay me for the rest of mylife. It is so emotionally charged and so deeply moving.

Robinson Crusoe (1997) is a great, little film. It is worth theattention of everyone who appreciates fine cinema and greatstorytelling. And perhaps it is so brutally underrated because it camenearly 2 decades ahead of its time – nowadays, when the world is on averge of new war because of religious and cultural differences, itsmessage is more valid than ever!

Interresting plot!

First, I saw the commercial of this movie on theater when I saw Alaska in1996 and then, the film was cancelled. I finally found a version and itworth the 8 years waiting. Pierce Brosnan wonderfully played the characterand it’s very emotionnal. I recommend to every Robinson Crusoe fans, it’ssimply the most realistic version. Every character looks real, you haveRobinson Crusoe played by Pierce Brosnan. Maybe some people will tell it’smore a family version but you have several murders in the movie aswell asthe terrific 1st scene with the ship. It’s so emotional and the adventuretheme is present. You won’t be dissapointed. It’s a shame that this moviedosen’t even get a release on theater when it’s easily better than 75% ofthe hollywood movie nowadays!

Thank you George Miller & Daniel Dafoe!

Nice little movie.

I really don’t understand people who always complain about "it’s notaccurate to book". If it would be 100% accurate to book it would SUCKbig time. Somethings just don’t work on movies that worked on the bookand vice versa. For a good example, Lord of The Rings – Fellowship ofthe Ring, Bombadil wouldn’t work on the movie at all.

As a TV movie, this is very well done, for example the storm andshipwreck scene felt great. And overall the scenery is great and allsettings are made with care and look very real.

Actors do pretty good job, though maybe little overacting from time totime, but nothing to complain really. I liked Brosnan’s Scottish accentit gave a spice to the character and made more real.

The movie is about love and friendship, and really worked on me. Ihighly recommend everyone who like about adventure movies.

The movie exceeds the limitations of the book

What we sometimes call "classics" are nothing more than irrelevantmuseum pieces. Defoe’s "Robinson Crusoe" is such a novel. Yes,it givesus a very literate, often compelling glimpse into another time andplaces… and that has it’s place. But a movie is another thing. Thereis nothing going on in the novel except a white "Bwana" walking alongthe beach with his black lackey, Friday, shuffling along, shading himwith an umbrella, listening to Crusoe talk about his white God. Howboring is that. The writer raised the question: what if Friday was awarrior with his own god who happened to be an alligator. Ah… there’ssome conflict. And without conflict there is no movie, no story.Defoe’s novel is a nice little journal. The movie brings life,instensity, raises questions about Friday’s origins (his family) themeaning of a friendship and fills out a drama that never existed in theoriginal.

What this is (in the aspect of: Is this what Defoe wrote?) I do NOT care, How it is, I CARE

And how is it. It is good. The story, about friendship and loneliness andalso society as it was then, is good of course even if it is slightlymodified. But I do not care if it is, for the actors are good and thefilmmaking is too. I especially like William Takaku (Friday). He is verygood and plays his role perfectly and he is of course in the best scenes ofthe movie, which actually doesn’t start until Crusoe meets Friday. Beforethat meeting there are some scenes of lesser quality. But there are far moregood or very good scenes, favourite scenes are: the burial, the readying ofthe boat, the last fight scene on the island, the last shot plus theafterwards inserted text and especially the DUEL at theend.

7 out of 10

Until civilization intrudes

Although this is far from a faithful adaption of Daniel Defoe’s classicnovel from the 18th century, this version of Robinson Crusoe holds upfairly well and captures what that polemic writer was trying to sayabout cultures and how they clash. A number of assumptions about whathis character Crusoe had about the superiority of his civilization areshattered.

Two men from totally different worlds manage to communicate andestablish a friendship. To be sure it is one of necessity as Crusoe iscut off from his world and Friday, the cannibal he befriends is exiledfrom his tribe. Still they do get along until civilization intrudes.

Pierce Brosnan is in the title role and aborigine actor William Takakuplays Friday. Defoe himself is written into the film as he is given apurported journal written by Crusoe and as he reads it Brosnan narratesthe story. Defoe is played by Ian Hart and Defoe as politicalpolemicist as well as novelist had some advanced views considering thetime he lived in.

Brosnan and Takaku do very well in their roles. It’s a good story withmoral if not plot intact.

Haven’t read the book, but I liked it

It’s probably BECAUSE I haven’t read the book that I liked the movie. I’mnot Scottish or even British so I can’t really comment on Pierce Brosnan’saccent, but I don’t think his acting was bad like some have said. Ithoughthe was quite good, but I wasn’t distracted by the accent like some were.That could be a deterrent. Overall, I liked it though. After readingsomeof these reviews, it makes me want to read the book though. Sounds veryinteresting and I do agree that they shouldn’t have advertised it as JamesDaFoe’s Robinson Crusoe if it wasn’t faithful to the book. I give itabouta 7.

Pretty good adventure movie

Everybody here is knocking the film but i liked it. I guess it doesn’tfollow the daniel defoe novel but so what? Taken on it’s own it’s quitegood. Brosnan does a great job as RC though if the girls want to watchthe show for his good looks, they’ll be disappointed since he has amangy beard and scraggly hair almost all the time. Brosnan plays RC asyour typical British twit who thinks he knows everything but doesn’tknow anything. He starts off as condescending to Friday but comes tohis senses later. The guy who plays Friday is outstanding. Really cutelittle doggie in the movie called skipper but – MILD SPOILER – he getskilled halfway thru the flik. His death had nothing to do with the plotof the movie and was a real downer and i don’t know why it was done.

This movie is better than what I expected

After seeing Cast Away I never would rent this film, believing it wasanother version of survivor. Wow, I was wrong! This is one of theclassicsI never took at school, and I wish I did. Unlike Cast Away, this film hasaction, mystery, and a fast pace. It shows the difference in people, butweall belong to the same hypocrisy. Throwing stones, while we have sin. Inthe end, one leaves the movie with a feeling of fate, when good and badevents throw us into our destinies. Please rent this film; the classicsgive us a nice break from modern pop culture. I wish more modern daywriting could reflect the scope of this story. 7/10

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