Obvious Child Jenny Slate

Runtime: 1 hour, 24 minutes
Director: Gillian Robespierre
Starring: Jenny Slate,Jake Lacy,Gaby Hoffmann
IMDB: 6.8
Genres: Drama, Comedy
Studio: A24
MPAA rating: R (Restricted)
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A one night stand leaves a woman (Jenny Slate) with an unexpected surprise just in time for Valentines Day in this hilarious and heart warming romantic comedy that has critics audiences raving.

A genuine and authentic look at womanhood, featuring a truly star-making lead performance.

Over the years, the film industry has churned out plenty of comediesabout the perils of dealing with unexpected pregnancy, but never hasthe subject been approached from such a refreshingly different point ofview than in Gillian Robespierre’s Obvious Child.

Donna (Jenny Slate) is an aspiring stand-up comedian whose relationshipwith her long-term boyfriend has just come to a screeching halt,courtesy of his philandering. Angry and despondent, Donna unleashes herfrustration onstage, crashing and burning in front of the audiencebefore finding solace in genuine nice guy Max (Jake Lacy), with whomshe shares a few drinks – and a bed.

When Donna discovers a few weeks later that she’s pregnant, her life isthrown into upheaval. A child certainly isn’t on her list of desiredacquisitions, and after evaluating her options with best friend Nellie(Gaby Hoffmann), she elects to have an abortion. There’s just oneproblem: Max, the one-night stand who also happens to be the sweetest,most courteous person Donna has ever met, and is obviously interestedin more than just a casual fling.

Obvious Child differs from other pregnancy rom-coms by approaching auniquely feminine issue from a decidedly feminine point of view. Thisis Donna’s story, and while the film is most definitely a comedy, ittreats the subject matter with respect and dignity. It’s also astandout performance from Slate, who runs the full gamut of theemotional spectrum, gleefully reveling in Donna’s raunchy stand-up actone moment, and losing herself in a tearjerking scene between Donna andher overbearing (but not unloving) mother in the next.

Obvious Child will likely bear the unfortunate distinction of beingknown as "the abortion movie," but to oversimplify the film andmarginalize it in such a manner is a huge disservice. Yes, it dealswith abortion, but more importantly, it deals with womanhood in a waythat few films have ever dared. It’s an authentic, emotional, and yes,hilarious portrait of a young woman trying to find her way, and shouldbe considered a landmark achievement in feminist filmmaking.

— Brent Hankins

Loved it!

I do not tend to like typical Hollywood films (i.e., hated ‘Titanic’),and in this movie, the actor as a stand up comedian – her lines reallyaren’t that great. But this is a wonderful movie about being in your20s, and dating/birth control/abortion etc. It drives me crazy thatmovies like this don’t get more recognition, as compared to silly,meaningless Hollywood drama- where the guy is a prince and the girlfalls head over heals and there is always a happy ending. (cute butsilly….) This movie was realistic, we can relate to the characters,and brings up important social issues – quietly and with restraint(typical Hollywood movies could SO use a lesson on restraint!!!) One ofthe best 20 something films I have ever watched!

Watch this movie now!

I can’t express how much I love this film. It’s funny and heartwarmingand a new favorite of mine. The characters are relatable, the story isfunny and captivating, the actors are truly remarkable, and the settingis amazing – New York. This film is unique in it’s voice, but somethingwe can all recognize. It has the feel of Man Up, but with a differentage demographic and location. It’s quirky, fun, touching, a hiddentreat. Jenny Slate, is amazing in this film. She’s found her voice andher niche and she shines. The supporting cast does just what you wantfrom them. They support her without stealing the show. It’s a simple,sweet story told in a truly unique way. I honestly can’t say enoughthings, this film is remarkable!

wonderful, wonderful, wonderful movie

It’s amazing when a director’s first movie is as nearly perfect as thisone is. It’s a marvel. It’s richly funny and touching and entertaining,but it’s also exactly what we as a society need right now.

Until I saw this, I hadn’t noticed the extent to which the conservativenuts have turned abortion into something so vile that even itssupporters are afraid to talk about it as anything but an evil lastresort. It’s unbelievably refreshing to spend an hour and a half in aworld in which abortion is not only an acceptable alternative tochildbirth but the healthy and valuable medical procedure it is infact.

Thank God for Gillian Robespierre and the wonderful people who helpedher make this movie. Jenny Slate (obviously) and Gaby Hoffmann, whosestrength as an actor grows with every movie she makes, deserve specialpraise for their fantastic performances.

The trouble with conservative Christians is that they don’t believetheir own religion. If they did, they would have no objection toabortion, because it delivers the unborn child from this painful anddangerous world directly into the arms of their loving Father forever.Christians preach that God, but they don’t really believe in him.

If Christians believed their own religion, they would not reject orjudge anybody; they’d embrace everybody, because that’s exactly whatJesus did. Jesus welcomed everybody who came to him, especiallysinners; he judged and excluded nobody. He preached love and healing,not judgment and condemnation. Christians have traded their loving God(the only true god) for a false god of vengeance and terror who’s nobetter than Allah or Kali.

Roaring 20s

Jenny Slate in Obvious Child plays Donna Stern, a young women who isstruggling to find her voice. She is a comedian and seems to be stuckin that twenty something funk from young adulthood to real liferesponsibility. All the while Donna is able to make jokes at herexpense to the awkward situations that she finds herself in. As shejuggles her friends and her parents, she discovers that relationshipsoften don’t mean the same thing to each person and is dumped by herboyfriend. This spirals into a journey of bad decisions and unintendedconsequences. The movie is set in New York and is beautifully told.Some hard truths are explored in the film but overall the story makesus realize that reality does bite us now and them. But no matter whathappens, life goes on. I enjoyed the movie and Jenny Slate creates abelievable character and you can’t help but to fall in love with herand root her on as she muddles through her life.

Great and Original!

When I went to Sundance, I was just trying to see any movie I could,and I decided to try and see this movie. I do not regret seeing thismovie at all. It is a very original story and has heart. It is a veryinteresting take on the ‘Pregnant but don’t want a baby story’. Whilethis movie might have benefited from one or two extra scenes in it, Istill give it a 10/10 because I loved the movie and it was filled withsolid performances from everyone. The movie itself is one of thestories where a girl decides to have a one night stand, gets pregnant,but does not want to have a child. I won’t go any further for fear ofspoiling anything but you should see it

An honest and touching movie!

While the promo of this movie pretty much sums up what it’s about, themovie takes it’s time and portrays the process of getting an abortionwith nuance, intelligence and sharp dose of realism. While people onboth ends of the political spectrum split hairs about abortion, inreality it is really about a woman’s choice! It is that simple. ObviousChild depicts that in a way that a lot of women can probably connecttoo. We have seen way too movies showing how maternal instincts kick inwhen a woman hears a child’s heart beat/ looks at an ultrasound ortouches her belly. While that is warm and fuzzy, it is not that simplein real life. The movie does a wonderful job in depicting this, andalso showing female characters as well-rounded, unapologetic andpragmatic about life, something we need more of these days!

Pros: The story line, the blossoming romance between pee-farter andDonna; the realistic depiction of each character from her parents toher friends; the music and some occasional zingers

Cons: Some of her stand-up wasn’t really funny with too much dependenceon toilet humor (an intelligent, college educated woman who constantlymakes fart and burp jokes? I don’t buy that); the overt hipster-nessright down to the "non-imperialist" bookstore to the mustache i- phonecover.

Funny & Fresh!

One of the finest films of 2014, ‘Obvious Child’ is a triumph by theIndie Circuit, a tiny little gem that seems to have been overlooked.This is a funny & fresh film, captivated by terrific writing & aspontaneous performance by lead star Jenny Slate.

‘Obvious Child’ Synopsis: A twenty-something comedienne’s unplannedpregnancy forces her to confront the realities of independent womanhoodfor the first time.

‘Obvious Child’ is profoundly funny & entertaining. You feel for theprotagonist & the journey she’s on. Gillian Robespierre’s Screenplay issimply terrific, blending realistic humor & with a few laugh-out-loudmoments. Robespierre’s Direction is equally superior. She has handledboth the jobs, of a writer & director, remarkably well.

Jenny Slate is the find of the year. She delivers a performance thatdemands some serious awards consideration. She’s spontaneous &irresistible all through. A Super Act!

On the whole, ‘Obvious Child’ is a massive winner. And much more.

A refreshing look at womanhood and abortion while being a hilarious and sweet rom com

Obvious Child is a very ballsy film just for the fact that it dealswith abortion which is such a hot button topic nowadays. However,unlike some films, it doesn’t take a side. It presents abortion and theeffect a decision like that can have on a woman in a very realisticfashion while delivering a very sweet romantic comedy.

Good: First off, I have to give endless praise to Jenny Slate forknocking it out the park in this movie. As the main character, shegives a great performance that has her balance drama and comedyseamlessly. She’s hilarious and crude, but when the time comes to getserious, she is fantastic. The rest of the cast is just as great andthere’s definitely a Girls type of atmosphere with its dialogue andhumor. However, the movie gets respect from me the most in how itapproaches abortion. It doesn’t take sides on the issue in regardscelebrating the decision to have an abortion or shame her for choosingan abortion. It simply looks at abortion as an important decision thatwomen go through when given the circumstances and views it asrealistically as possible. It’s refreshing how it deals with it with anhonest and yet serious view on it without being preachy orexploitative. At the same time, it works as a romantic comedy as itcontains many hilarious jokes and the central relationship is verysweet.

Overall, this is certainly a movie to keep an eye out. It’s a funny andsweet romantic comedy that takes on the taboo subject of abortion in arespectful and honest way.

Very sweet and extremely funny!

‘OBVIOUS CHILD’: Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

A romantic comedy flick about a young Brooklyn comedian who becomesunexpectedly pregnant, after a drunken one-night stand. It starsstand-up comedian, and TV star, Jenny Slate as the comedian and costarsJake Lacy (of ‘THE OFFICE’ fame), Gaby Hoffmann, Gabe Liedman, RichardKind, Polly Draper and David Cross. It was directed by first timefeature filmmaker Gillian Robespierre and written by Robespierre, KarenMaine and Elisabeth Holm. It’s based on the 2009 short film, of thesame name, directed and co-written by Robespierre. I found the movie tobe very sweet and extremely funny.

Slate plays Donna Stern, a comedian in her late twenties who lives inBrooklyn and works at a book store that’s going out of business. As thefilm opens she’s dumped by her boyfriend (Paul Briganti), which causesDonna to have an emotional and mental breakdown. She meets a young mannamed Max (Lacy), at the club where she does shows, and has a flingthat night with him. Later she finds out she’s pregnant and turns toher friends Nellie (Hoffman) and Joey (Liedman) for advice. She makesup her mind that she wants an abortion but she decides to tell Maxabout the pregnancy and starts a reluctant romantic relationship withhim.

As the film started I had a hard time getting into Slate’s comedicstyle; I’m not a big fan of stand-up comedy to begin with but her jokesare really awkward and ‘out there’. As the movie went on though I foundher more and more funny, partially because I learned to care more andmore about her character but also because I started to understand hersense of humor more and got more used to her joke style. I also foundher character very relatable. She incorporates a lot of her life intoher comedy (which makes a lot of people uncomfortable, especially thoseshe includes in her jokes) but in my opinion that’s the best type ofcomedy; humor that’s based in reality and deals with subjects that mostpeople are afraid to talk about. That’s the comedic style I often tryto use in my life (most often on Facebook). The film does turn out tobe hilarious and mostly because of Slate; she’s adorable and extremelyfunny as well. Like I said the movie is also really sweet and I foundthe romantic aspects of it to be really well done. Slate andRobespierre both shine here and so does this movie!

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