Mrs Doubtfire Robin Williams

Runtime: 2 hours, 5 minutes
Director: Chris Columbus
Starring: Robin Williams,Sally Field,Pierce Brosnan
IMDB: 6.9
Genres: Drama, Romance, Comedy, Kids & Family
Studio: 20th Century Fox
MPAA rating: PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)
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The eccentric dad (Robin Williams) of three children dresses as a British nanny so he can care for his children at the home of their mother (Sally Field) in this touching comedy.

Funny And Heartfelt

"Mrs. Doubtfire" is an extremely funny and heartfelt film. It has tons oflaughs as well as tears, this is definitly Robin Williams’ best film.Watching williams do voices as well as play Mrs. Doubtfire is a real treat.Also the supporting cast of actors do an excellent job, I highly reccomendit.

I LOVE this movie….

This is by far my all time favorite film. It really hits the spot withtremendous performances by ALL cast members. The score by composer HowardShore gives a real warm feel to the whole duration of the movie. With theDVD release, you get to see all the deleted scenes. In particular is ascenewhere Lydia (Lisa Jakub) is distracted during her turn in the spelling beeby her mother and father (Sally Field, Robin Williams) who are arguingquietly because Daniel (Williams) arrived late, and could not sit with thefamily. The scene concludes with Lydia talking with her father about beingareal family again. Lydia tells Daniel "It’s your job to be our father."Daniel replies with "No, it’s a joy being your father." Scenes like thesegive Mrs. Doubtfire a real sense of reality when it comes to families thatare separated by differences between the parents. It tells children thatit’s okay if your parents don’t get along, and are separated. It’s not yourfault. Don’t blame yourself. There are all sorts of different families outthere.

What really gives this movie it’s unique touch is the brilliantperformances of EVERYONE in this film. I definitely recommend this film toanyone who loves a good family film. My suggestion, get the DVD release. Ithas a lot of extra features you won’t get on the VHS.

Another Great Robin WIlliams Comedy

Great family movie! Robin Williams excels again! Haven’t laughed somuch since the Birdcage when Williams outdid himself once again! Don’tjust rent this one, buy it! It’s worth watching over and over again.Sally Field brings a wonderful touch to the movie too. My family reallyenjoyed the "tea scene with the social worker". And let’s not forgetthe "cooking scene" that goes haywire! This movie will have youlaughing hysterically over and over again at the many comedic scenes.Can’t wait to see what 2007 will bring with the new release of Mrs.Doubtfire II. All I can say is "What took so long?" Make this a familynight & enjoy! Add this to your collection, you won’t regret it!

Hilarious Robin Williams

I would have never thought that I would see Robin Williams dress up as asixty-something year old Nanny. Never in my entire life. I first thoughtthat this movie would be a waste of my time. I was dead wrong. This movieis hilarious. Robin Williams is excellent as a divorced man, in order toget closer to his kids, dresses up as a nanny of his ex-wife. Sally Fieldis very good as Robin’s ex-wife. The entire movie is verygood.

Overall the whole movie is excellent with good direction and acting.Rating10 out of 10.

There are many reasons this is a great comedy….

Mrs. Doubtfire is a great comedy for many reasons. 1.) Robin Williams isbrilliant in almost any movie he makes, including this movie. 2.) It’sgreatfor the whole family which is kind of rare. 3.) It shows that a man canabsolutely love his children and want to be a part of their lives. 4.) Themusic fits the movie and is great. 5.) It’s heart-warming as well asfunny.

perfect movie!!

This is one of the best movies of Fall-Dawn funny, comical, andimpressive.

Daniel Hirard, played by Robin Willams, who is losing his job aredeclared divorce by his wife. And he has to separate from his wife and3 children.

One day, he decide he will be housekeeper to meet his family. He makesup and become MRS.DOUATFIRE….

I really like this movie because this is a family comedy movie and itis warming movie. The plot teach us about importance of family. Theperformance are amazing and powerful all around.

About a family. A true family film. Children and parents alike will love this film.

You know when you read something like, "Fun for the whole family", andyou’re like, "Yeah right"… well, this film actually is. The kids willlove the talented Williams playing a divorced father who disguiseshimself brilliantly, convincingly and humorously as an old Englishnanny; while the grown ups will be shocked at how crude the filmactually gets, but can’t resist laughing and continuing to watch. Thefilm disguises R-rated-like humor by mixing in family fun… which couldbe criticized, but shouldn’t because it’s actually fun and harmless.Brosnan and Field are wonderful as supporting characters, and the twoactually are memorable in their performance despite being upstaged byWilliams at his best. The three children are strikingly convincing intheir roles and cease to fall into the category of painfully cutesybrats that Hollywood typically casts. The story is long but solid; theclimatic sequence is saddening but genius and true. Despite Williamshaving to be so theatrical in the title role, the film itself seems abit modest. This should be at the top of every critic’s list of"greatest family films".

**** (out of four)

Warm and beautiful

Funny how movie ratings can seriously induce someone to think it is anaverage, dull, flat, seen-it-before, when in fact, there is no personin the world that would stay indifferent about it, and won’t watch itagain in a distant future at some point. This movie is absolutelyunder-rated here at

I remember watching it back in my teenage days and it was completelyhilarious! Now, almost full decade or maybe more, not quite sure, itstill captures me entirely. Strange how as a grown-up I focused ondifferent things and noticed something I did not back then, up to apoint it could be twisted far from what authors intended, but still, itis a very decent movie you won’t easily find in Hollywood productionthese days.

Mrs. Doubtfire (what a witty title I did not captured before, I comefrom non-English region) teaches about moral as something that looksdamaged or lost in the modern days of our world. It teaches about truevalues that deflated over the course of speed progress and development.It teaches about relationship between a parent and a child in a mostsincere and gentle way imaginable. It could be a true story. In fact,it IS a true story.

My stomach couldn’t be more ‘tortured’ with laugh last evening.Creators fully revealed their master skills, carefully exploring allthe aspects of drama and molded them perfectly into this theatric play.

As elusive the film’s title can be, this movie is an absolute gem formany, without which film-making magic would not be the same. It getsdeep into many levels of human relationships that you can see from afunny and radically new perspective that praise joy and life to it’shighest.

Robin Williams played one of his lifetime roles, he is among the mosttalented actors ever encountered, always consistently radiating nomatter where appears. To quote a line, the God broke a mold aftercreated him, and the rest of the crew/characters are seamlesslyabsorbed inside his limitless charm.

"Oh, dear", I believe already made myself clear – absolutely praise thejoy of it’s magic.

My Favorite Robbin Williams Film.

Robin Williams gives us his best in this film. It seems that the rolewas meant for him. He has a granny-type face and with a wig over hishead – et voilà the transformation is complete!

This is an emotional film as well as a comedy. We feel deeply moved asRobin’s character in the film is forced to take steps to be united withhis children and at the same time look for a new job as well. Hebalances these tasks with incredible finesse and this should be seen tobe believed.

The love he feels from is children is warm and heartfelt. It seen thatthe happiness of his children is all that he wants in life and we seeit during the court scene near the end of the film.

The film has its phases: a comedic opening and a sacking, fight withthe wife and eventual separation, beginnings of a transformation, thecomplete transformation and moving in with his kids plus dramaticchange in lifestyle(!), fight with his wife’s new playboy boyfriend(played by the handsome Pierce Brosnan) and eventual discovery of hisidentity. Then we have a court scene at the end….. and well…..all’s well that ends well ???

Now the ending of the film disappointed me. Is there no compromise andcan’t a couple rediscover themselves again and restart their marriedlife again?

NO! But is is the fashion in an American society – if you don’t likeyour spouse divorce and get another and another and another till eitherof you DIE OF AIDS (or something like that).

Marriage is NOT A JOKE but a pairing of two souls that is sacred(remember the saying till death do we part?). Breaking that bond is anINSULT TO GOD.

Even in the most extreme of situations divorce can be prevent bymarriage counseling.

Those of you that are married for many years can appreciate what I amtrying to say.

God created the first man, Adam. Then God created Eve from Adam, and henamed her Woman as she came from Man. Then he gave her to Adam to behis companion, friend and lover (his wife), and they were the firstcouple on Earth.


A Divorce with a Twist

Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) is a comical and yet heartfelt movie about amarried couple who get divorced. Daniel Hilliard (Robin Williams) andMiranda Hilliard (Sally Field) get a divorce after many years ofmarriage and three great children. Daniel wants to stay together andwork it out, to be with his kids, but Miranda disagrees. During thedivorce, Daniel can only see his children once a week and that is notenough for him. Daniel decides to take matters into his own hands, withhis unique characteristics as an actor in the film he disguises himselfas British nanny named Mrs. Doubtfire to watch over the children whileMiranda works so he can spend time with his children. Over time hespends more time with his children and helps them cope with the divorceand also betters himself along the way.

I believe Mrs. Doubtfire is one of the best family films of its timeand still today. It has a great story line and many emotional parts inthe film that can bring families together. I have seen this filmnumerous times from when I was a young kid to an adult and every timeit is still funny and heartwarming to me. I believe everyone should seethis film and enjoy Robin Williams at his best as a British nanny.

Mrs. Doubtfire was directed by Chris Columbus. I feel that Columbusdoes an excellent job directing the film. The unique story is portrayedas if the audience was right in film living the story. The audience cansense the emotion and closeness of the actors in the film and how greata job each scene is. I believe Columbus was trying to tell viewers thateven when parents get divorced the children are always loved so much byboth and will do anything to be with them. The director really portraysthe feelings and emotions of families during hard times. This film isdefinitely one of my favorite films of all time and I love watching itwith my family.

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