Love Story Ali MacGraw

Runtime: 1 hour, 40 minutes
Director: Arthur Hiller
Starring: Ali MacGraw,Ryan O’Neal,John Marley
IMDB: 6.9
Genres: Drama, Romance
Studio: Paramount
MPAA rating: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)
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Harvard Law student/hockey jock (Oliver Barrett IV) meets Radcliffe music wonk (Jennifer Cavalleri), and the couple soon enter into a relationship.

Best kind of tearjerker

I wasn’t even alive when this came out. I’d never even really heard ofMacGraw nor O’Neal before (though they both looked vaguely familiar).The "Love Story" theme, I was definitely aware of though.

I saw it for the first time in 2002, and bawled like hell. I saw it forthe second time a few weeks ago (2005) and cried like a baby again. Iinstantly needed to get my DVD copy. My parents always say that theydon’t do movies (or music, for that matter) like they used to, and onthis occasion, I had to agree.

The movie’s premise is simple: the typical boy meets girl love story,with the cliché rich boy, poor girl angle. But I think its simplicityis part of what’s so great about it. I fell in love with Oliver andJenny (and as corny as it may sound, I think their undying love foreach other is ultimately what we’re all searching for), and theirtragedy became my devastation as well. It’s generally your typicalsoppy chick flick (with the exception that the pair don’t "live happilyever after"), but probably the best one of its kind. A story like thishas become so banal today, 35 or so years later, but it was surely oneof the first of its kind. It hits all the right emotional buttons, andalthough I’m not one to usually cry over films, this one certainly hadme in tears.

The two very attractive leads make a cute couple, and have goodchemistry. O’Neal and MacGraw both turn in very solid performances, andI quite enjoyed the foul-mouthed MacGraw. Good writing, solid acting,great music (I could listen to the musical score all day), beautifulscenes.

I love "Love Story". Hee! 10 out of 10 from me.

"Love knows not its own depth, until the hour of separation."

The sentimentality of "Love Story" ("What can you say about a25-year-old girl who died?") is a hearty welcome retreat to the past…There is nothing to spoil love, trust, confidence or even the events…Jenny seems to die… She just escapes in loveliness…

Jenny (Ali MacGraw) is half of a pretty young married students from aworking class background… And Oliver (Ryan O’Neal) is from a verywealthy family… Both have the predictable problems with disapprovingparents… Both struggle along through hard times, until Oliver obtainsa fine job with his own merit… When Jenny tries to get pregnant, thedoctor finds out that she has an incurable disease, and has a veryshort time to live…

Ryan O’Neal plays well the intense sensitive rebel, giving aheart-breaking performance as the ultra-rich man’s son who works to payhis way through law school when his father won’t…

Ali MacGraw is good and touching in her portrait of Jenny, the dyingheroine, the poor baker’s daughter studying classical music atRadcliffe, the smart young girl who gives up her plans to study inEurope in order to marry Oliver… She never missed a ‘shred of herbeauty’ in her role…

Ray Milland is the 60-year-old Oliver Barrett III… He is a strong,articulate, civilized millionaire from Boston who refuses to supporthis son in marrying a girl of such low social stature… He commandshim instead to finish law school…

John Harley is Phil, the father of Jenny… For him, "Father’s love issomething to cherish and respect."

There is three sequences that I liked the most in the film:

– Jenny and Oliver wonderful kissing scene… From this point on, bothwere entirely engrossed with each other, ready to risk anything forlove…

– Oliver’s long day search looking for Jenny, until he sees hersitting, outside, on a stair… She forgot her keys… Jenny iscomforted by Oliver who tries to apologize for his continualdisputes… Jenny, all shaken, and with tears in her eyes and with anemotional voice stops him with words of deep affection: "Love meansnever having to say you’re sorry."

– Oliver, sitting alone and lost to the world, uncertain and perplexed,unable to understand Jenny’s tragic fate… If Jenny could spend anhour in his mind, a minute in his heart, a second in his soul todiscover what he really feels loving her… Why Jenny has to die soyoung? Why destiny is against us sometimes, smashing all our hopes andhappiness? Why we feel so impotent in front of the will of God? Whycan’t we understand that we are ‘blessed with Life,’ and this is ourgreat gift, our true treasure! Barrett’s millions could never saveJenny!

The Lebanese poet Khalil Gibran said once: "Love knows not its owndepth, until the hour of separation." And let me say that ‘nothing ismore beautiful than the love that has weathered the storms of Life.’They say: Time mends a broken heart and true love never ends… But iftrue love never ended then time wouldn’t have to mend… So "LoveStory" was followed by "Oliver’s Story".

Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw are splendid and beautifully matched…Arthur Hill’s sincere direction commend the picture to a wide audienceeager to a flood of tears…

"Love Story" won 7 Academy Award nominations and Frances Lai – touchingmusic – mixed by Bach, Mozart and Handel, won an Oscar, enriching thebeauty of the film…

An intense, tough-looking leading actor is seen: Tommy Lee Jones in hisfilm debut…

Not my kind of movie (?)

I watched this movie by chance a couple of days ago. Me being a typicalaction-junkie, I would not intentionally have set out to watch thismovie. Although I do enjoy the occasional romantic comedy, the worddrama and the fact that the movie is 36 years old would have beenenough for me to avoid this one. However, during one late night infront of the TV zapping, I stumbled over the beginning of this movieand got hooked.

I loved the lead characters and above all found the dialogue brilliant.I am not very good at analyzing actor performances and other aspects ofthe movie but judging from the Academy Award and nominations and the709 other people that has given this movie a 10/10 rating I would guessthat I am not the only one to like the movie.

Finally, I would not have lost any sleep if they had left out the partabout "Love means never having to say you’re sorry."

Nice Feel-good/Break-your-heart movie.

This is really heartfelt love story

‘Love is never having to say you’re sorry’ Maybe it is the most famoussentence in film history. And Love Story was a surprise hit in 1970.After watching this movie, a lot of couples questioned what were thelove meaning. What made ‘Love Story’so heartfelt? I think that one ofthe main reasons of Love Story’s success was its tragic characters andcharacters who surrounded by good circumstances. Those twocontradictory factors made Love Story a surprise hit. Oliver(RyanO’Neil), and Jennifer(Ali MacGraw), both of them, were HarvardStudents. Although a Harvard diploma doesn’t take a rose-colored viewto their future, at least they can come up in the world.

Finally, they did it. Oliver became a lawyer in the Law firm andJennifer became a school teacher(Wow. she had a very nice job. Shenever worry about being fired, good salary(25 year-career schoolteacher’s annual salary is approximately $52,000~$53,000 in Korea. Mycountry recorded just 40% of US’ GDP per capita in 2005.) stable job,wonderful pension and retirement condition(62-year retire, until death,they’ll receive $2,200 per a month) so that’s why women school teacherbecome more popular in Korea)

In contrast, Characters implied tragic factors. First, Oliver’sfather(Ray Milland) doesn’t want them to marry. Second, Jennifer’ssacrifices and dedications to Oliver. She doesn’t want to be a teacher.She really wants to study with Nadia Blanche, a famous French Pianist,who lived in Paris, France. Their married life was very hard. Theybought an apartment in NY by themselves.How happy they were? Jennifer’ssickness, however, totally ruined everything. her dedications andsacrifices became meaningless. How could she be compensated for herefforts?

Suppose Ray Milland should have respected Ryan’s decision and supportedthem, Ray doesn’t have to say I’m sorry to Ryan, Ryan doesn’t have toremember his lover Ali in front of ice-skate link, and he doesn’t haveto saw TWA ticket to Paris.

One Of The Most Romantic Film Of All-Time

Love Story is a romantic drama that is well known as a tragedy.It isconsidered one of the most romantic film of all time.It stars RyanO’Neal and Ali MacGraw together with John Marley and Ray Milland. Itwas written by Erich Segal which was based on his novel with the sametitle.The movie was directed by Arthur Hiller.

Oliver Barrett IV is a comfortably off Harvard pre-law student thatfalls in love with Radcliffe music student Jenny Cavilleri,who happensto be a freewheeling, delightfully profane product of a blue-collarItalian-American family. Oliver’s father heartily disapproves of thesubsequent marriage and cuts off his son’s allowance. Despite financialtravails, the couple is blissfully happy.Then Jenny is diagnosed ashaving an unnamed disease that consigns her to an early death.

This is one of the most popular movies of all-time especially whenmovie’s tagline "Love means never having to say you’re sorry" became aniconic American catchphrase.Aside from that,it is one of the mostromantic movies ever made also remains one of the most enduringlypopular. This heartfelt tale of the love of a lifetime.Ryan O’Neal andAli MacGraw each received Academy Award nominations and becameovernight movie sensations for their poignant portrayals of a youngcouple who cross social barriers, marry and ultimately face thegreatest crisis of all that makes is a classic tearjerker.

The best romantic film of all times

This movie is by far the best romantic movie I have ever seen. It is areally wonderful movie to watch. It is a simple and touching story. Theactors’ performances are excellent, the scenes are beautiful and themusic is fantastic. I was a little girl the first time I watched thefilm at my grandmother’s house and I fell in love with it. I havewatched this movie lots of times, and of course I got my DVD copy. Icry my eyes out each time I see it and I always enjoy every minute ofit. I love Love Story, it shows you real life as it is, with itshappiest and saddest moments. Everybody should watch this perfect film,it’s unforgettable! And I think it’s true: "Love means never having tosay you are sorry."

Love it, Love it, Love it…

I first saw this film as a little girl and fell in love with it thatvery minute.

I don’t care what anyone says, its wonderful.

I cry my eyes out each time and enjoy every minute of it.

Ryan O’Neal was so handsome in it and Ali McGraw was Beautiful.

They don’t make films like that anymore, a gentle weepy with suchromance.

To those of you who love the film with me, isn’t it the best.

To those who don’t, don’t watch it, just use your remote.

We will be the lucky ones.

Another favourite of mine is The Other side of the Mountain, which inEngland was called " A window to the Sky " another weepy. Still LoveStory is and will always be the BEST.

Great Flick

One of my all time favorites, right there with "Goodbye Girl," where awitty writer, gets to also do the screen play (in fact the screen playwas before the novel) and their real story gets portrayed on screen,rather than someone else’s interpretation.

The book was an easy read and the play follows it very close. The bestpart is the chase between the two principal characters (Ollie, RyanO’Neal & Jenny, Ali McGraw) and the war between Ollie and his father(Ray Milland). Also, what a great start appearance for Tommy Lee Jones.

Moreover, for those of us who spent many years on college campuses, theaura is a great relive.


One of the best movies ever made.

Anyone who thinks this is a girlie movie is wrong.

What makes this movie different than all the other movies made beforeand after, is that the story and the characters are so real. Which iswhy we laugh with them when they first get together and we cry withOliver when Jenny dies. This movie goes way beyond the stereotypicallove story, because it doesn’t have a happy ending. It is probably oneof the saddest movies ever made, but definitely a movie worth watching.

This is a classic movie with many memorable moments, even funny ones.How can you forget Jenny, the music student, with the big glasses andthe big hats, or Oliver, the handsome guy going to law school? How canyou forget one of the most famous lines ever: "Love means never havingto say you’re sorry"? How can you forget Jenny and Oliver fighting inthe snow, or going to meet each other’s parents, or theirout-of-the-ordinary wedding? How can you forget what probably is, thesaddest scene in film history: the very last one, when Oliver sits onthe bench where Jenny used to sit and watch him skate?O, this isdefinitely an unforgettable movie.

I say to hell with all the romantic comedies that always have a happyending. It makes me more annoyed than happy.

So get some napkins, forget the popcorn (since you will be too muchinto the movie to even think of food), get comfortable, and prepare toexperience a story about life, a sad story, but one that will stay withyou forever.

I love this movie!!

I have seen this movie so many times I can quote it word for word. It’smy favorite movie of all time. I love the way that things just happen.Such as Oliver graduating from law school. I don’t see why there shouldhave to be a scene for everything. Can’t it just be understood thathe’s been in school while Jenny’s at work? And I think that theactors/actresses in the movie couldn’t have been played by any betterpeople. They fit their roles perfectly. Just because it was didn’t saywhat Jenny was dying of, it doesn’t mean you have to know. It should beenough for you to know that Oliver loves his wife and is taking care ofher the best way he knows how. Its a story about a love story betweentwo people; it’s something to be looked at and treasured. Not somethingto be looked at and over analyzed. If you do that to every movie,you’ll never see anything good in them. And you certainly can’t do thatto love, because if you try to point out and find every detail, you’regoing to miss it.

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