Killers Outer Space English Subtitled

Runtime: 43 minutes
Director: Tom Graeff
Starring: David Love,Dawn Bender,Bryan Grant
IMDB: 3.6
Genres: Science Fiction, Horror
Studio: Indie Crush

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Astrophysicists warn us of the high probability that a ‘cosmic killer’ – a large asteroid, meteorite, or comet – will collide with Earth. Scientists from around the world are creating an international system to protect Earth against these cosmic dangers. (Russian with English subtitles)

Have you seen Sparky?

If you like unintentionally bad movies from the 50’s, you will absolutelyLOVE Teenagers From Outer Space. First of all, you pretty much know whatyou’re getting with a movie that has "teenagers" and "outer space" in thetitle…this masterpiece offers some of the worst acting, plot, script andf/x you will ever see, and all rolled into one neat little package. Thereisenough action and stupidity to keep you interested all the way through.Notice the voiced-over (obviously human) barking of the dog Sparky (RIP)atthe beginning, classic. Interesting too is the fact that the actor whoplayed the ship’s captain (the guy with, not one, but TWO v’s on his astrosuit) went on to become the original Ronald MacDonald. I’m lovin’ it, andyou will too.


My 10/10 rating assumes that you’re the type who’s decided that youlike "Teenagers from Outer Space" before watching it. It portrays analien race coming to earth to let their lobster monsters grow anddevour all humans. As an example of what these aliens are like, theyhave disintegrating guns that can turn you into a skeleton in the timethat it takes to blink. But, one of the aliens named Derek (David Love)decides that he doesn’t like their plans and escapes. Most of the restof the movie has another alien looking for Derek while the latter hidesout with human Betty Morgan (Dawn Anderson) and her grandfather.

Yeah, it sounds like your average ’50s B-movie, but it’s still reallyneat. One of the many movies that truly makes one nostalgic for the erawhen one could go to the drive-in and see these sorts of flicks, mainlybecause Betty was kinda hot (well, duh; it seems like all the women inthese B-movies were). And I don’t think that the aliens were actuallyteenagers.

Still, I can’t quite figure out: why would an alien be named Derek?


I’ve seen this movie about 3 or 4 times in my life. Last time I saw it wason MST3K about 8 years ago, but I first saw it twice on a late afternoonTVcinema when I was 13. A band of alien teenagers invade our earth to use itfor grazing those giant lobster-like "Gargons". A little dog gets zappedinto doggie bones just for barking at the curious strangers who landed inthat field. Derek is devastated by Thor’s first employment of thatdisintegrator as he looks through the remains of Sparky. Unwilling to bepart of the team and plans to invade earth to use it, Derek escapes andwanders off into the suburbs but before he runs off he picks up Sparky’scollar and tag and looks up the owner who’s a young cute and nicebrunette,she was looking for her dog for 20 minutes since she put his breakfast outfor him. Thor chases after Derek, hitches a ride with a man who stops at agas station where Derek happened to stop to seek the address on Sparky’scollar. The young gas station attendant recognizes Thor wearing the sameuniform he saw Derek wear, asks about it, suddenly Thor reckons Derek wasthere,angrily pumps the attendant for Derek’s whereabouts, the car driverthinking his hitchhiker is nuts starts to take off but before he canaccelerate gets zapped into bones then Thor turns to the terrifiedattendantand skeletonizes him too.Along the way Thor commits a trail of devastating bizarre murders, a youngblonde in a swimming pool, a college professor and a couple of plainclothescops in a battle. Finally gets wounded by one of the officers’ bullets,sneaks away then traps Derek and his new earth girlfriend and persuadesthemto take Thor to a clinic to fix him up. Thor and his focusingdisintegrater is just as treacherous as if not more than those Gargons thealiens plan to graze on our earth. I"d like to see the movie again even ifIhave to rent or buy the video to see it. It aint such a bad flick for aB-Graded movie.

Not as bad as the title would make you think.

Yeah, the special effects are lame at best compared to today’sstandards, but the plot itself was well written, the acting was aboveacceptable, and despite having one of the lamest titles for a movie isworth a rental, or even a purchase, if you can find it.

I think if this was remade (perhaps retitled as well); it would be ahit in the box office, or at the very least have a cult following.

Remember folks, just because a movie has low-budget special effectsdoesn’t mean the movie itself is horrible. Look at Blair Witch Projector to a lesser extent the Evil Dead series.

As a side note, in the recently released Playstation 2 video gameDestroy All Humans, your reward for playing through the game until it’sfinal mission includes TfOS, complete and in B&W.

Sci-Fi with spiritual significance

I enjoyed Teenagers from Outer Space in that there is a spiritualsignificance to it. Admittedly, I saw the whole thing but recently, aswhen I saw it on TV March 19, 1965, I caught it in the middle of it,after my kid brother had turned it on. What sort of spiritual meaningthe movie has was brought out by Derek’s rebelliousness. He justifiablyinveighed against the others’ plans to make Planet Earth breedingground for the Gargons, pointing out the Earth has intelligent beings.Derek also criticized the rule on their home planet, set up to breed aSupreme Race, breeding babies like livestock and denying them knowledgeof their parents, brothers, and sisters, executing all who age orbecome ill. Such suggests that with the universe infinite, otherplanets may well be inhabited by intelligent beings who share Earthpeoples’ belief in the one God Who created the universe, and all lifein it. (Derek seemed to be of that belief.) Derek DID believe in lovingone another; he loved Betty Morgan and her grandfather; he loved herreporter beau Joe Rogers and her best friend Alice Woodward; he lovedDr. Brandt and his nurse Miss Moss– and everybody else whom he met.Further, Derek adjusted beautifully to life on Earth, taking the roomthat Bud Morgan (Betty’s brother ) had and wearing clothes that Bud hadleft, learning easily how to drive Grandfather Morgan’s car. Indeed,when grasping at means of killing the Gargon, Derek looked at theoverhead electrical wires and knew what they were for, as he put it"source of energy for illumination and power in the home". Most of all,at the end he steered the ships bearing more Gargons to one spot tocrash onto the guide ship– which killed all of them, includinghimself! Looking down from the sky, he declared his intention to makethe earth his home, and never leave it. You do not find too many asnoble and u

Great fun!

I love this film, not so much for the plot but for the sheer look ofit. Great cars, great locations, pure 40s/50s nostalgia. One of thethings I like most about B flicks is that, because they couldn’t affordsets to be constructed, they used real locations and so are great timecapsules.

Okay, so the dialog is bad in parts, the acting often stilted, and thesci-fi props just laughable — that killer screaming lobster breaks meup every time — but the action and pace of this film is right on themoney. In fact it moves along at the clip of a Saturday afternoonserial. It’s very well edited.

I’m going to get this on DVD and have party showings.

Well, they’re not really teenagers, but . . .

This is one of the funnier movies on Mystery Science Theater. A group ofaliens that claim to be teenagers but look around 30 land on Earth andplanto breed "Gargons" (lobster shadows) on which they shall feed. But thesensitive alien of the group escapes, meets a nine-fingered grandpa andhisgranddaughter, they fall in love, the evil alien shoots a girl in a poolwith a Buck Rogers pistol, the "Gargon" escapes and eats a few hunters,andthe good alien sacrifices his life so that the entire fleet (never shownonthe screen) can be blown to smithereens. And remember, Tom Graeff soldthisto Warner Brothers!

Although this film is very cheap, the whole thing is played like a soapopera, and the acting is so hammy, that it takes on a certain likability.Irecommend it to anyone who liked "Robot Monster" or "The CreepingTerror".

Backyard Magic

What an exquisite little film. You’re uncertain about possible 50s shlockdullness as you first start watching, as a bunch of serials-suited aliensgab about moral dilemmas, but then away we go. Conscientious objectorDavidLove (auteur Graeff, from reports) flees, disgruntled with the game plantoturn our world into a grazing ground for giant lobster livestock with ourbones as their cud, only to discover Donna Reed’s America and all itscharms. A rank-climbing nasty is in hot pursuit, with a ray gun thatreducesanyone in his way to a skeleton. The pace does not let up: charming alienLove, who in another movie would take time out to realign his loyaltiesandfall in love with an earthling cutie (Dawn Anderson, one of the NICESTyoungwomen to ever grace the screen) here does all this on the run. Noapologiesfor the FX, they’re crude, but because you’re so swept up in the amazingviolent plot you couldn’t give a good goddamn. And the characters: hereliesthe suspense because people you’re introduced to, who you LIKE, are bumpedoff right and left and you find yourself worrying, especially about gabbyold delight Grandpa. My favorite line, coming just after the BattleshipPotempkin-like massacre on the courthouse steps: "Oh look, there’sGrandpa,trying to cross the street!"

I did not think that it was that bad

I thought that this movie was not as bad as some might think. I havewatched it many times now and I think that it is interesting. I havealways loved the imagination of people that make these kinds of movies,especially when they come up with the words that are used in the movie.I did think that the special effects were pretty bad. I love the fakelooking "gargon" that looked like a giant lobster. I also love the loveshared by one of the aliens and the girl, that was a good touch. I alsothought that the weapon was pretty cool that it turns living things tobones. The guy who made this had a great imagination and it was a goodmovie that was made especially for a drive in.

Good script–excellent acting

These were the days when special effects were not the stars of thefilm. Having said that, the blasting tool that disintegrates beingsinto skeletons actually is quite good…the skeletons drop where theyare…great effect! But a movie should be about acting! The girl whoplays Betty is an especially good, convincing actress as is thegentleman who plays her grandfather. News reporter Joe is also good.The handsome lead alien (Derek) has an almost typical alien way ofspeaking, but his facial expression and acting certainly make up forit.

So what if these guys cruise around Hollywood in 52 Chevys? The yearwas 1959…most people probably didn’t tool around in hovercrafts! Thefilm quality is excellent and the background music is quite good aswell. Pity about the lobster.

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