Hobbit Unexpected Sir Ian McKellen

Runtime: 2 hours, 49 minutes
Director: Peter Jackson
Starring: Martin Freeman,Ian McKellen,Richard Armitage
IMDB: 7.9
Genres: Fantasy, Adventure
Studio: New Line
MPAA rating: PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)
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The adventure follows Bilbo Baggins, who is swept into an epic quest to reclaim Erebor with the help of Gandalf the Grey and 13 Dwarves led by the legendary warrior Thorin Oakenshield.

Expectations weren’t high ENOUGH

I was a mere child when I watched LOTR franchise and I still liked it.Ever since, year by year, I grew fonder and fonder of the movies andthey remain, and probably forever will, one of my favorite movies ofall time. I’ve read all the books countless times (including Hobit) andwhen I saw that Hobbit was coming into the cinema, my mind was entirelywiped away from its existence due to excitement that entered me.

Now, movie review.

As expected from Peter – almost flawless masterpiece. Given that he hada lot of material to work with, I imagine it was quite hard to puteverything together for the scenery – yet he did it, once more. Hecaptured the feeling of the book and transcended it onto a screen; ofcourse, it was not solely his credit, to not be mistaken. The actingwas amazing – perfectly fitting into fantasy style. The chemistrybetween actors was more than just the obvious – you could actually feeltheir interactions and live the story. Yes, it was that good.

I have no need to begin writing about camera work and all that comeswith it; locations were beautiful, effects and colors were mixedperfect, a soundtrack that followed through pattered with what wasgoing on perfectly … it is really one of those moments when yousimply can’t say enough because you know, regardless of how many wordsyou put in, you still won’t be able to describe things the way you feltthem. I have only one thing to say: congratulations Mr. Jackson andrest of the cast.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will become classic without anydoubt; I am just glad that I got to be a part of the generation thatwitnessed the never-dying franchise of Mr. Tolkien’s work.

Peter Jackson should be the only one allowed to make movies out of books ever

This movie was so EPIC i’m speechless. I went with high expectationsbecause Peter Jackson is awesome, but man, they weren’t high ENOUGH. Icouldn’t see any flaw in this movie at all, they do change the way someevents happened, but they’re details and don’t really change the story,actually you can tell they were needed.Jackson also adds someinformation, but he did say beforehand that he would, and is taken fromother Tolkien stories, and as I haven’t read them, I was very happywith the change because they were things I didn’t know. The way themovie starts is very clever, and the whole introduction before thejourney is almost exactly like the book, which I enjoyed very much. Thefights scenes, just exactly as LOTR are INCREDIBLE,very well done, andwith some funny moments as well. The cast is flawless, I think everyactor portrays their character to perfection, I was happy with all theacting choices. The part of the book they picked to end the movie wasgreat, the book though is basically divided into three main events, soit was somewhat predictable, but the scene they made to end the moviewas perfect!!. So Basically if you’re a Tolkien fan, or justLOTR-Hobbit fan you’ll be puking rainbows of epicness throughout themovie.I had the luck to go to the premiere, but i’m obviously gonna gowatch it again on IMAX.

More beautiful than the book, yet simpler.

This is not going to be one of those long reviews, consisting ofdetailed writings about what was good or wrong, that is for you todecide, once it hits the cinemas. All i am saying to you, is that youshould definitely find some time and read the book before you go andsee the movie. Book is very complex, sometimes hard to keep up with,but has a bit more ambient depth into it, while the movie offers youall the eye-candy that even your imagination wouldn’t be able toconjure. The movie is pretty, well acted and has a good script, thatsticks to what was in the book, BUT, much less detailed (well, it is amovie, so that’s normal). This movie is not enough to understandeverything behind The Hobbit and the story behind it, but it does givea nice illustrative try to simplify things.

Simply amazing! Manages to be even better than the Lord of the Rings

"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" takes us back to middle earth andthis trip back is even better than what I remember of it. The scenesand locations are more detailed and nuanced, the characters presentedwith more depth and subtlety and the action more frenetic and grander.The movie is an amazing technical as well artistic achievement in allaspects and absolutely a must see movie.

"The Hobbit" book is a simpler and shorter story than "The Lord of theRings" trilogy. Being stretched out into three movies was expected tomake it less epic and more mundane of a movie but that is absolutelynot the case. Through sheer skill and artistry of movie storytelling,the plot feels absolutely epic and grand. While perhaps there is lessat stake on middle earth than in "Lord of the Rings", there are moredimensions to the characters: doubt, guilt, frailty and a little extraspace for humor and wit, which all paints a more colorful story.

At every turn, middle earth brims with overflowing wonder, magic andexcitement. The technical wizardry and artistry to create thebreath-taking visuals and actions are indescribably amazing andeverything is given an extra little more than last time around for usto soak in the intricate details and designs. The dwarf city inside themountain with its blustering industriousness and craftsmanship, theserene Rivendale, the rickety goblin kingdom all are presented with somuch more substance and detail that even though they resemble previous"Lord of the Rings" set-pieces, they feel completely new andrefreshing. The technical prowess and skills of the visual effectsdepartment have gotten so much better and that indescribable feeling ofawe I felt we had when I first experienced "Lord of the Rings" setpieces like Moria and Gondor is still evoked watching these new setpieces. Plus, they have also vastly improved their handling ofdifferences in heights of the characters and the interactions feel morenatural and fluid. Everything feels like it has multiple layers anddepth: from Bilbo’s house and pantry to the dwarf and goblin kingdomsto all the skirmishes and battles. Middle earth as is presented here isas close to the perfect fantasy backdrop as it gets.

The new cast seamlessly blend into the middle earth world. MartinFreeman as Bilbo Baggins and Richard Armitage as Thorin make thecharacters their own. Freeman’s initial bumbling English demeanor andthen the growth to an adventurer is skillfully done. Armitagewonderfully projects royalty and authority while still beingconstrained of being a dwarf. Ian McKellen’s return as the wizardGandalf is a more playful and comedic return while Andy Serkis’s Gollumis more vicious and expressive than I remember him to be (this possiblyis also due to some animation improvements in Gollum as well). The restof the dwarf company are too many to keep track of individually but asa group they provide for the expected dwarfian physical humor but alsothe gravity when needed of a people who have lost their home. Thisgeneration of middle earthians are all around as wonderful a group toget to know as the generation from the "Lord of the Rings" movies.

"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" is simply amazing and is one thebest movies ever made. With great storytelling, amazing visuals andvery skillful acting, the movie grips you in a multiple of levels andnever lets go. It is a movie to be seen as soon as humanly possible.

The Best Epic Fantasy Yet!

I am a huge movie buff and also a huge Lord of the Rings fan. So, whenI heard that director Peter Jackson was finally directing the Hobbit, Iimmediately ordered my ticket!I went to see this movie in IMAX whichmade my viewing experience all the more fun. Everything in this moviewas perfect. In my opinion, it followed the book so well. I loved thefact that Peter put Thorin’s enemy Azog in the film even though hisname was only mentioned once in the book. This made it all the moreexciting. I am a huge Gollum fan, so when Bilbo stumbled upon him inthe Goblin Tunnels I got goosebumps.It was hilarious when the two tookpart in Riddles in the Dark! All in all, this movie was absolutelyamazing! I’m so excited to go see the second installment The Hobbit:The Desolation of Smaug!

A Great, Action Packed, Super Fantastic Movie!

After watching this movie, I just couldn’t wait to see the sequel(whichat the time I didn’t know if there was going to be one) and was filledwith amazement(the good kind). Even though it was rather dark andbrooding, it was actually very interesting in the fact that most ofthose kind of movies are not very good at all. I liked it also becauseof Martin Freeman who is one of my favorite British actors. It’sspecial effects where god as well, with the battle scenes, and sceneswith giant creatures and stuff. After watching at night was actuallyreally cool because it was kinda scary as far as the "What’s rightoutside my door?" theory due to the ogres and things. So, if you’relooking for a good intense movie that doesn’t have any junk in it, thisis the one.

I feel both love and respect towards this story!

Beautiful cinematography, beautiful design, make-up, special effects.Everything is perfect. The cast is a joy to watch. Martin Freeman isgreat as Bilbo Baggins, Ian Mackellen can’t be described in words, heis perfect as Gandalf as always. I actually thought he was even betterhere than in "The Lord of the Rings". He captured the atmosphere more.I loved that Elijah Wood reprized his role as Frodo even for a shortperiod of time. He broke my heart in "Return of the King" with hispowerful performance. He nails the character and I hope he will make anappearance in the next two movies as well. Oh, and the famous Gollum!How could I have missed him from my review? It’s great to have AndySerkis back.

Please people don’t listen to the critics, they are the ones whoinfluence the public, but they are not always right. It has the samemagic. Maybe in a less darker tone than the previous movies had been,but in a way, that’s why I really liked it. It’s like a deep breathfrom all the stressful situation the hobbits had been in "The Lord ofthe Rings". It’s been a though year with a lot of good movies, but inthe end, this still is among the best ones.

Worth watching!


The road goes ever on and on

Some people give me funny looks when I say I enjoyed the Hobbit films.There’s this giant festering stigma around the entire trilogy that’shard to wade through if you are one who geniunly did enjoy a lot ofwhat Peter Jackson brought us with his second barrage of Middle Earthsagas. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of things he muffed up,the chief aspect being editing and length. We did not ask for, need orwant an entire LOTR lenghth trilogy based on a book that could have fitinto one volume of that series. Jackson has a tendency to overreach,film too much and throw it all into his final cut. It started with theextended cuts of LOTR, which were somewhat unneeded, continued withKing Kong, which could have been at least 45 minutes shorter, and hasnow climaxed with The Hobbit films. They’re so long and stretched outthat at times we realize we’re not even watching stuff from Tolkien’sannexes or archives, but simply stuff old Petey made up to pad thewaistline of content that’s begging to be slimmed down. I’m stillwaiting for a fan edit that condenses everything down into what isnecessary to tell the story, and pitch everything else into thepurgatorial halls of DVD deleted scene land. And therein lies myargument: There’s gold to be found here, but a lot of folks are soturned off by all the unnecessary razzle dazzle that they have becomeblind to what actually worked. An Unexpected Journey kicks off thetrilogy and definitely fares the best, feeling the most akin to thebook. Martin Freeman is lovely as a young Bilbo, baffled to findthirteen rowdy dwarfs dumped on his doorstep, the work of Gandalf TheGrey (Ian McKellen, like he never left the role), who wishes to prodhim in the direction of a most dangerous and thrilling adventure. Bilbois a mild creature and deeply in love with the comforts of home, but iswhisked along all the same, after a chaotic dinner party and platethrowing contest from this knobbly group of mountain dwelling pygmies.Orcs, Wargs, Goblins, colossal mountain giants and an appearance by theever fascinating Gollum await them. There’s an interlude into Elrond’sheavenly glade where Gandalf, Saruman (Christopher Lee) and Galadriel(Cate Blanchett) have a little CSI: Rivendell episode with an ancientdagger that hints towards the return of Sauron. One thing Jackson addedthat is a highlight is additional wizard Radagast The Brown (SylvesterMcCoy) an eccwntric hippie who rides a chariot led by massive rabbitsin breakneck bouts of Need For Speed: Middle Earth with Orcs atopWargs. A distinct feature about these films compared to LOTR is theramping up of CGI; many Orcs are no longer stuntmen in gloriously goopymakeup, but giant computer rendered behemoths, taking some of thetexture and authenticity away. Jackson also chose to shoot in many moreframes per second than the human eye is used to, giving everything astrange, wax museum sheen that is pretty distracting. Close your bag oftricks and make us a goddamn straightforward flick Pete. Fvck sake. Forall the issues, it’s terrific to be back in Middle Earth, howeverdifferent it looks and feels. The production design is still anelaborate wonder of creative design and decoration, Howard Shore’s nowtimeless score makes a triumphant return and there’s a beautiful newsong courtesy of the dwarfs. Say what you want, bitch and moan til theWargs come home, I love this first outing dearly and rank it nearly ashigh as LOTR. I can’t say the same for the next two, especially theexhausting Battle Of Five Armies which diminished my patience forJackson and his tricks a whole lot. But, like I said, there’s alwaysgold to be mined from the needless padding that’s been tossed in. Oneday someone will edit that perfect cut for us, and we’ll have thatdefinitive Hobbit film. Until then, cherry pick the best parts and tryto put the rest from your mind.

And So It Begins…

A wonderful way to being the tale and journey of Bilbo Baggins. Thisfilm is the beginning, the way Bilbo began his adventures & acquiredThe Ring.

This film is begins the story of Thorin Oakenshield the dwarf King ofand the rightful king of The Lonely Mountain. He, along with his bandof dwarfs, Bilbo and Gandalf set out on the journey to help Thorinregain his throne and bring back the glory of The Lonely Mountain. Ofcourse this group will encounter goblins, trolls, orcs and wargs butwill have a little help along the way here and there from others. Inthe end of the film they can see The Lonely Mountain – theirdestination.

I have to say the soundtrack to this film is outstanding… the dwarvensongs really stand out!! Everything about this film worth watching,worth owning just like the original trilogy Lord of the Rings.


A love letter to middle earth

Hobbit:AUJ is an world where we meet trolls(funny and treacherous),goblins(unique and menacing), orcs(deadly),elves(angelic andguardians),wizards,dwarfs,giant eagles, and not the least of themhobbits. And also we visit places deep underground,high above ground,vast open spaces,calm and comfortable homes(in a hole in the ground),transcendental abodes,forests and ruined evil fortress.

Now put them all in a same story with a dragon,treasure, and a lot morewith one badass scary,funny,heart warming story. The result you get isthis movie. Did I mention about stone giants fighting each other in acold night among mountains in a thunderstorm rain? Aw people. There issooooo much good(believe me there is) in this movie I can forgive itfor small mistakes if there is any. Nothing obvious is present anyhow.

And the music is excellent. You can’t ask for any better. I can talkfor a entire hour about this music and still it will not be enough. Itfits the movie like glove in a hand. Perfect.

And the casting. At the end of the movie each and every charactersbecame dear to me. It’s one of those perfectly casted movie. Brilliantacting.

And there is visuals which you should see it yourself to believe.

When I think about this movie these are the words that comes to mymind. Heart warming,kind,brave,transcending, all good. I did not givethis movie a 10/10 because it is perfect. No. I gave that ratingbecause it deserves it. It’s a humble effort to bring something goodand entertaining movie to this world. It is filled with positivity.

Now to ranting. Many people consider this movie inferior because theycompare this movie to lord of the rings and whine that it does not givethem the same feel as lotr. It is totally unfair. No movie should bejudged by comparing it with other movie. Judge a movie by its ownmerits.

That aside I will definitely recommend this movie for every folks outthere. Enter a world of fantasy and relish living in middle earth amongexcellent folks, dangerous situations, kind and sweet moments and haveone hell of an adventure. Peace.

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