Hello Down There Jack Arnold

Runtime: 1 hour, 37 minutes
Director: Jack Arnold, Ricou Browning
Starring: Tony Randall,Janet Leigh,Jim Backus
IMDB: 6.1
Genres: Science Fiction, Comedy
Studio: Paramount
MPAA rating: G (General Audience)
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This 1969 screwball comedy involves a scientist who is given the assignment of spending one month in a simulated underwater home.

I think It Has Aged Remarkably Well

We watched Hello Down There one evening (surely it was a Friday, sothere was no school the next day), all huddled on the bunk beds in theback bedroom, a water cooler set on the dresser beside the TV.

This was an incredible fantasy of a family living underwater.

As others have pointed out, it was virtually an all star cast.

Among them, Lou Wagner as Richard Dreyfuss’ brother. Wagner would go onto be the little scientist on CHiPs in the white overcoat.

And Hennie Backus, Jim Backus’ widow, as their mother. She appeared onGilligan’s Island as a native woman, mother to the obese native girlwho loved Gilligan.

Here, she marches in and terrorizes poor Charlotte Rae.

The Green Onion was designed like it would be ideal for a TV series.Had this movie came out in the early sixties instead of ’69, you canbet there would have been episodes and seasons available on DVD aswell.

Plotwise, everything just flowed. From the visit of she who would beGladys, the de-pressurizing of the leg, the sensational shark attack,the harmless songs (and yes, we too sang the Goldfish song for yearsand still do).

Just too much fun.

Rare moment to see Ken Berry as a villain as well! For some reason, themovie bogged in the sneaking out to get the song to Roddy McDowell. Itjust loses its feel of underwater existence. Perhaps had it gone inreverse and McDowell and Backus and Charlotte been trying to get to theGreen Onion and Randall, Leigh and Dreyfuss had to rescue them instead,thereby keeping the Onion at centerstage where it belonged and had beenfor all of the previous movie, this thing would have been even more ofa classic.

As it is, it is a big fave.

We watched it years ago, well into our twenties, my sibs and I, andfound it puzzling.

Now, I got a copy of my own and just watched it. Terribly loved it.

My sister still sings the goldfish song to her teen aged children.

There’d Be More Room In The Sub If Roddy’s Hair Weren’t So Long

There’s an optimism in the visual style of this film — along withhundreds of other Sixties comedies — that will never be seen again.The colors are bright and heavily saturated. There isn’t muchnarrative, but does it really matter when you’ve got dolphins, seals,sharks and Tony Randall swimming around under the sea? And seeingRichard Dreyfuss lip- syncing to groovy aquatic themed tunes in purplepants is really far out. It’s nice to see (and hear) Janet Leigh screamwithout worrying about her getting hacked to bits like in "Psycho" orbe tormented by hoodlums like in "Touch Of Evil." I always enjoy JimBackus too.

Want to see this movie aired again!

A favorite movie from childhood. Good clean fun, for the whole family.Packed with a cast of stars, this movie invites you to come along andtour the cool house under the sea. The kids have a rock band, it’s hardto get the glug song out of your head. There are many good family filmsoffered in today’s times, but older films like Hello Down There out tobe part of what’s offered to kids and families today. Some may say thatHello Down There is ‘behind the times’ and the movies out today are somuch more advanced with special effects and computer generated images.I think that’s part of why it should still be aired, to remind us ofsimplicity and how movies are still excellent without having all theadded special effects. I have searched high and low to purchase a copyof this movie for my video library, but it is not available. I wouldlove to see this movie aired again so all of us can re-live it’s charmand hilarity!

hello down there a bubbling good time!!!

anyone who likes the jetsons or flipper will like this combination of boththis is a movie for the entire family it compares to disney moviesin a time when people are looking for some good clean fun you cant pass thisone upif you ever come across this sea gem, watch it!!! the cast of starfishinclude tony randall his wife played by janet leigh his boss jimbackusand thats only the beginning!!!its my all time favorite movie!!! see if its yours after you watchit!!!

What a wonderful and exciting movie.

This was one of my favorites as a kid. I would love to give my childrenthe same experience I had as a child to have a chance at seeing thisfilm. We need to band together and send in a request to the filmcompany that produced this one. The music in this film was great alongwith all the stars and the dolphins were cute too. They say therehasn’t been a revised version because there isn’t enough request forthis movie. Please send in your request you won’t be disappointed.

One of the most comical movies ever made.

Many years ago I taped this movie off of the Family channel on cable -Wewatched it at least once a week. Now that my tape has been eaten by my VCRI have to be one of the saddest people out there. This movie is such agreat joy to watch – just to see all the people in this movie that went onto become even bigger stars is amazing. It shows a much more simplertime.

If you ever get a chance to see this movie it is a MUST see on my listmovies!!!!!!!

I love this movie!

I dont care that anyone else may call this movie campy or silly oruseless,I know its not the best thing ever put on film, but It reminds me of whenIwas young,and it makes me feel good to see it and hear it, I recall beingsohappy and carefree, and in todays world that is priceless.I havent seen this movie in sooooo long, and its not available on tape orDVD, and thats sad, I hope turner classic movies will show it at leastonce,and i will tape it for myself!

I love this movie , and I think it should be preserved for the futuregeneration as a piece of history, because it certainly does date ititself!

I love it!

I remember staying up to watch this film on the 2:00am movie when I was ayoung girl every time I found out it would be on, and I would do it againina heartbeat if I could only find it!!!!! A film I would love to share withmy son. Funny, sweet and so many now famous people when they were not asfamous. Where can I find it?????

I LOVE this movie! It’s SO fun!

OK, I like the movies from this time period. I love the funny/goofy/hippie stuff. This one takes the cake! It’s so fun to watch, it’s oneof my absolute favorite movies ever. This movie is worth watching justfor the music. The songs are so catchy! I have sung them in my head allmy life since I was a little girl from seeing this movie just once! I’mso glad it’s available on DVD now. I watch it over and over. It’sanother one of those comforting movies. The story is cute, has a little"drama" (lol!) I like that 70’s way of dancing that Janet Leigh does!The kids are in a band "Harold and the Hangups" and I love the partswhere they "jam". It’s so very fun. Oh-the part where Tony Randallsings a song is also very catchy and fun! Very fun to see a youngRichard Dreyfuss! A must see for all. Classic.


this is my all time favorite movie ive looked everywhere for it and now to my delight it will be availablefor purchase june 5, 2001

ill show you where i got this great news

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