Great Mouse Detective Vincent Price

Runtime: 1 hour, 14 minutes
Director: Ron Clements, Burny Mattinson, David Michener
Starring: Vincent Price,Barrie Ingham,Val Bettin
IMDB: 7.2
Genres: Adventure, Music, Mystery, Kids & Family
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures
MPAA rating: G (General Audience)
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Super sleuth Basil of Baker Street embarks on the greatest case of his career when London’s master toymaker is mysteriously kidnapped and the ingenious detective smells a rat named Ratigan as the perpetrator.

A forgotten Disney masterpiece.

This is probably one of the most unknown Disney classics.

For the time the movie was quite new and revolutionary and it doesn’tquite fit in with the other movies Disney made in that period., perhapsthat’s the reason why it has been forgotten. But "The Great MouseDetective" deserves to be known and seen.

The characters are real classics and one of the best to have everappeared in a Disney movie. Actually Professor Ratigan (voiced by thelegendary Vincent Price) is quite possibly my favorite movie villain ofall time. No wonder that it was Vincent Price’s favorite role. Hisstyle and humor is priceless and it cracks me up every time. But theother characters are also very memorable. I especially like thecharacter of doctor Dawson.

The story is good and very pleasant and very mature compared to otherDisney’s from that period. But of course the idea of making a storyabout the mouse version of Sherlock Holmes alone is already good enoughto make a fun movie about.

One of the other things that makes this movie different compared toother Disney’s from that period are the songs or better said the lackof it. The movie features only one song (3 if you count the bar songand the goodbye, so soon song.). But it’s not a miss. The surprisingmagnificent musical score by famous composer Henry Mancini make up forthis loss.

The movie has a very spectacular final on and in the famous Big Ben.It’s by far my favorite Disney movie ending.

Certainly a fun movie to watch over and over again.


P.S.: If you’re Dutch speaking, I highly recommend that you watch thismovie Dutch spoken. Believe it or not it’s even better and more funthen the English version! Believe me, just give it a shot.

A Glorious Movie With An Unusually Developed Cast!

This is, by far, one of the most underappreciated Disney classics of all,and one of the most developed as far as the character and the story. Basilis a perfect portrayal of Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes, and many don’tknow that it was based off a book about a mouse who lived the life of hisidol, none other than Sherlock Holmes.

Personally, I love this movie because it has a colorful, developed castof characters.

Basil is not your average Disney hero, having no love interest at any pointin the movie; he is also a super-intelligent character and often burstsintofits of scientific observation. His facial expressions are timed well andare very well done, as well as his general movement. He is very excitableand you can tell he adores working on cases. He doesn’t really likechildren, as you can see from the way he treats Olivia in the beginning.You really get a feel for Basil when watching him, and he’s not easy toforget. Kids may not understand half of the things he’s saying, but it’sfun to watch.

Olivia is the little heroine mouse who starts Basil on his case, losing herfather to a mysterious peg-legged bat of whom Basil is aware of. She isextremely plain-drawn and has no emphasis on her gender really, save forthebow in her hair and her voice, making her very realistic. She also actsalot like a realistic little girl, in her laugh, in the way she reacts tothings, even in the way she exclaims "father!" when reunited with hertoymaker father. Her curiosity is classic, and she has a high adorationforBasil, though he doesn’t appreciate her at the start of thestory.

Dawson is the elder mouse who finds Olivia looking for Basil of BakerStreet. He isn’t sure of who Basil is, but they end up finding himtogether. Dawson is, of course, Watson in mouse form, and helps Basil inhis first case, being this movie.

Ratigan is the villain played by the late horror film star Vincent Price,and quite well in my opinion. He has the likeness of Mr. Price in the wayhe moves and acts. Of course, nothing is weirder than hearing him sing,butit happens twice in the movie– "The World’s Greatest Criminal Mind" and"Goodbye, So Soon" were both written specifically for Price. He is not oneof the more frightening villains as far as his looks, and is unique in thatup until the climax he uses his intelligence to battle Basil, instead ofthestrength he obviously posesses. On a special note, Ratigan dislikes beingcalled a rat for some reason, though I cannot remember why.

Fidget is probably one of the darkest villain henchmen in a Disney movie.He is frightening to children in appearance and voice, and the musicaccompanying him adds a comical aura. Fidget is by far my favorite Disneyhenchman, just because he’s funny. The one thing that bothers me, though,is that a few times in the movie, his peg leg switches from right to left.I think it was just for the reuniting scene in which Olivia steps on hisonly foot, so it was switched.

The movie has many fast-paced scenes, including "Investigation At The ToyShop" and "Big Ben Chase", among others. My personal favorite is "Big BenChase," because it is one of the longest Disney climaxes and it is a veryunlikely setting. The movie itself is about Olivia’s toymaker father beingkidnapped by Fidget, and her turning to Basil for help. Basil’s nemesis,Ratigan, is linked to the bat, and Basil, who was reluctant and annoyed byOlivia’s protest at first, jumps at the oppertunity to see if he canfinallydefeat Ratigan. The movie goes from there with its "many twists andturns",to quote Basil.

If you want a fun-filled, unpredictable adventure, The Great MouseDetectiveis your best bet. Especially if you’re a Sherlockian or Eve Titus fan whohas yet to see this exiciting portrayal of Basil of BakerStreet.

A very cute Disney movie, one of my favorites!

The Great Mouse Detective is one of my favorite Disney films of alltime, it’s also one of the most under rated in my opinion. I think justbecause I love the story so much and it always brought up goodmemories, this was the funniest Disney animated movie I had seen at thetime. It’s just such a cute film, it has fun animation, catchy songs,and such a touching story that anyone could easily fall in love with.My parents and I watched this movie together all the time when I was achild, still to this day, I don’t mind sitting down to watch it, it’sjust that much fun.

A young little mouse girl and her toy shop father are celebrating herbirthday, but her father is quickly taken away by a rotten gang of micewho are led by a giant rat, Ratigan, who is planning to over throw thequeen and become leader of the mouse world. Olivia, the daughter, goesto Basil of Baker Street, he’s a mad detective who has been chasingRatigan for a long time. Along with the help of an average mouse, Dr.Dawson, Olivia, and Basil go after Ratigan to make sure that his planfails.

The Great Mouse Detective is such a cute film. I’m very sure thatyou’ll enjoy it, it’s one of my personal favorites, I really do thinkthis is one of the better Disney films and is an under rated treasure.I just loved Basil, his madness was just so funny and enjoyable towatch. I also loved Ratigan’s song of why he is so great, not tomention how he thinks he’s a mouse is just priceless. This is a funfamily film to watch, I highly recommend it.


an overlooked masterpiece

"The Great Mouse Detective" is one of Disney’s best films, in myopinion, because it doesn’t pander to children. In this movie, thecharacters go to a bar, get into fights, and stripping is alluded to.However, that’s not to say it isn’t appropriate for children. I watchedthis movie when I was very young and I was so innocent that I didn’trealize what those things meant. Now that I am older, I still enjoy thefilm. That’s what makes it so great- it’s enjoyable for both childrenand adults. Vincent Price is amazing in this film playing one ofDisney’s best villains. I don’t know the other voice actors, but theywere also great, especially the person playing Olivia. Her Scottishaccent was spot-on and so darn cute. Strong characterization is one ofthe stronger points in this movie. Although Basil may appear cynical onthe outside, he is really a sucker for Olivia. Dawson is charming andkind, Fidget is 10 times more hilarious than your average bumblingsidekick, and as I said already, Ratigan and Olivia are sublime. TheGreat Mouse Detective also has great music. It features 3 originalsongs, "World’s Greatest Criminal Mind" and "Goodbye So Soon" performedby Vincent Price, and "Let Me Be Good to You" performed by MelissaManchester as the white dancer mouse. I am proud to say that LMBGTY isone of my favorite songs of all time. Also, an excellent original scoreis prevalent in this movie- I wish I knew somewhere were I could get myhands on a soundtrack!! The animation is dark and moody- generally notwhat you’d expect from a Disney movie, and the Big Ben scene isimpressive even 20 years later.

I highly recommend this movie for all Disney fans, and even fornon-Disney fans. Great Mouse Detective is a diamond in the rough!!

Underrated Disney Classic

The Great Mouse Detective (1986) is one of the greatest Disney moviesof all time and definitely their most underrated film in my opinion.The movie features the wonderful voice talents of Vincent Price as agreat Disney villain, Professor Rattigan, basically the Moriartycharacter opposing the movie’s "Sherlock" hero character, the titularThe Great Mouse Detective, Basil of Baker Street (living under thefloor of Sherlock Holmes).

I don’t want to give away the plot but the reason I love this movie somuch is that there is a lot of great comedy in it, the hero and villainare both fantastic (and both have very entertaining cohorts), and thestory is great.

I love that this film is a little bit "darker" than most Disney films.Again, I don’t want to give anything away, but the stakes in this movieare much higher and more "real" than most Disney films.

The songs are even great and I still find myself humming a couple ofthem. The Rattigan song is amazing, and Vincent Price himself sings awonderful "goodbye" song that plays on a record while he has Basiltrapped.

A truly great Disney movie that deserves much more praise!

Best Disney Animated Movie of All Time

Forget The Lion King, forget Frozen, forget Wreck-It Ralph (well, maybenot FORGET it), THIS is the greatest movie Disney’s ever animated.

The story is a pretty fun ride from start to finish, the movie takingfull advantage of its animated medium to give us scenes in a toy shopwith the mice riding on and making use of the toys to chase thevillain, and a long ongoing shot in a clocktower that perfectly blends3D computer animation with 2D hand-drawn animation.

At first glance, one might mistakenly assume this is nothing more thana Sherlock Holmes story told with mice. Except it’s not. The two mainleads may be based on their human counterparts, but they do have theirown characters.

Basil is this egotistical but still very likable jerk-hero on a questto match wits once again with his arch-nemesis, Professor PadriacRatigan II. Basil has the same style as Sherlock Holmes, but theanimation medium allows him to be a lot more cooky and funny thanHolmes ever could be. He’s really the best Disney hero. There have beena fair amount of handsome action heroes or Disney Princesses waiting tofind true love. There is only ONE Basil of Baker Street, and hisreputation remains untarnished by a lack of forced direct-to-videosequels.

But by far the best thing this movie has going for it is Vincent Priceas Professor Ratigan. Holy sh*t, this is the best villain that Disneyhas had. He’s this egotistical, conniving, mustache-twirling villainthat completely blows James Moriarty out of the water as far asenjoyability goes. He loves how much of a sick, twisted fiend he is somuch that it’s impossible not to enjoy it along with him.

And, to date, he is the only Disney villain who actually gave ourcompetent, highly intelligent hero a run for his money without leadingto his own downfall. Yeah, really think about that. Maleficent playedopposite to a guy with a sword and was taken down because she was tooevil to just finish him off. Ursula’s plan was to manipulate her way tothe Trident but forgot to account for Prince Eric entering the equationand got stabbed for her efforts. Ratigan lost because even though hecalculated every move Basil would make down to the time the Great MouseDetective would arrive at his secret lair, coupled with the fact thathe’d been beating Basil to the punch for years, Basil was able to matchhim and eventually best him. THAT is what a good villain does: he/shechallenges and compliments the hero without compromising themselves ascharacters.

With all that said, this movie isn’t flawless. There is one scene thatdrags a bit where they have a tacked-on music number at a bar, but itdoesn’t last very long and it’s pretty funny to watch after the shockof it wears off.

But, despite that, I still call this the best Disney movie to date.It’s message of intelligence and wit still holds up, its characterstimeless and still very entertaining, its hero great, its villaingreat, and its villain song one of Disney’s best. And THAT is why it’smy favorite Disney animated movie.

So Much better than An American Tail

In 1986 there were 2 animated mouse films Don Bluth’s An American Tailand Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective, one overrated and oneunderrated. Surprisingly it’s actually the Disney mouse film that’sunderrated.

The Great Mouse Detective was given very little publicity on itsoriginal release and was made for cheap because Disney couldn’t affordanother expensive box office bomb like it’s predecessor The BlackCauldron. I find it strange that An American Tail made more than doublethe amount of money this film did and even became the record holder foranimated films until Oliver & Company beat its record. The Great MouseDetective is simply a much better movie. It’s story is told simply andquickly which leaves no room for boredom in this film. It’s characteranimation is also better than that of An American Tail and there is farmore fluidity and smoothness in the characters movements. Thebackground art isn’t as good as The Black Cauldron’s or An AmericanTail’s but that just goes to show that in times of little money DonBluth spent his money on making the backgrounds nice whilst Disneyspent their money on creating a solid cast of characters.

Basil is an eccentric, genius who’s a lot of fun to watch and is voicedwith great enthusiasm by Barrie Ingham and out of our 3 protagonists iseasily the most fun.

Dr Dawson is a kindly old soldier who while rather dull in comparisonto Basil still does well as Basil’s bumbling sidekick.

Olivia isn’t at all cloying like Feival sometimes could be and isoptimistic for the most part and manages to do quite a bit for herselfrather than being a sappy pessimist.

Now for the villains they really went all out. Fidget the villainsidekick is surprisingly threatening despite having a deep and sillyvoice thanks to Candy Candido’s great voice work. He and his clumsinessmanage to serve up quite a few laughs throughout the brisk film butlike Basil and the other characters he too is overshadowed by the filmsexcellent comic villain.

The nefarious Proffesor Ratigan, excellently voiced by Vincent Price iseasily one of Disney’s best and most underrated villains, he’s right upthere with Scar, Shere Khan, Ursula and the rest of the A-grade, betterknown villains. He like Basil is an eccentric and loves his job so itmakes it more fitting that this is a character driven plot in which therivalry between the hero and the villain is so strong. Ratigan themaster criminal and Basil the master crime solver. That said this wasone of the first Disney films to have a truly tense climatic battle, asRatigan shows the true rat inside of when when trying to kill Basil inthe well rendered cgi Big Ben clock tower.

Although it isn’t a musical, the few songs in it are fine. "Let Me BeGood to You" is an OK song but it’s also easily disposable. The other 2songs sung by Vincent Price are "Goodbye so Soon" and "The WorldsGreatest Criminal Mind" are much better and add some fun to the film.Henry Mancini’s musical score is also very good and harshly underrated.

If there’s any problem with The Great Mouse Detective is that it’sstory lacks substance and that much of the movie is relativelyunmemorable but other than that I highly recommend the movie and it wasan excellent start on Disney animation’s road to recovery.

Critical Grade: 8/10, Personal Enjoyment: 10/10

It’s Magic

The Great Mouse Detective is from the creators of Aladdin and TheLittle Mermaid , which tells you it will be good.It is one of myfavorite Disney movies . Even though , it seems to be a forgotten film, I will always remember it.

The story starts out in London ,1987. Olivia, the daughter of a famoustoymaker, turn to the very famous Basil of Baker Street for help whenher father has been kidnapped.She also meets the lovable Dr. Dawson andBasil’s loyal hound Toby , who will help them retrieve her father.Itturns out the person who kidnapped him was the evil Professor Ratigan(voiced by Vincent Price), an evil street rat who wants to become theKing of all Mousedom.

My favorite parts are when Professor Ratigan decides to use all of hisways to kill Basil at the same time and when they are fighting on theBig Ben. This movie also has a remember able song called " The World’sGreatest Criminal Mind" about Professor Ratigan.

This movie is great . 8/10

Disney’s Finest

Growing up, I watched a lot of Disney films, as most of us did. Though,even as a child, none of their movies really satisfied me. I thoughtthe story was creative but that was all there was to push the moviealong. I thought the music was so-so and the characters the same ineach film. (With the exception of Scar.) Then while I was flippingthrough channels one day, I caught a glimpse of The Great MouseDetective. I originally thought "Oh no, not another stupid Disneymovie." I will admit the only reason I saw this movie at all wasbecause of Vincent Price and Henry Mancini. Well one night I sat downand watched it and discovered this was the best Disney movie I hadseen.

The plot is simple enough for children to understand, yet an adultcould easily sit through it. The music and acting is the best I’ve seena in Disney film since Pirates of the Caribbean. Basil is the mosthuman Disney hero I have ever seen because of his almost tepid behaviorand yet can spring into action at the sound of Ratigan’s name. It isalso a milestone in film making being the first to use C.G. in ananimated film. The villain is, for once, interesting. Vincent Pricereally brought this character to life and I rate Ratigan as one of thegreatest villains in film history. And the lack of songs helps the flowof the movie. I rate it a 10 out of 10.

It’s Sherlock Holmes. With Animal’s

During the 80’s, Disney was having a lot of trouble trying to make agood Disney film.

Before, "The Little Mermaid", was released, Disney released an animatedmovie called, "The Great Mouse Detective". It became a critical andfinancial success.

The movie is about a Toy Inventor who get’s kidnapped, and the daughterof the Toy Inventor assist’s help from Basil and his sidekick, David.

Pro’s: The film has some great animation and the story is originalbecause it’s just like, Sherlock Holmes, except with Mice. Also, thevoice acting was great and it even has veteran actor, Vincent Price, asthe villain, Dr. Ratigan.

Overall, "The Great Mouse Detective", is a fun, animated movie and oneof Disney’s underrated movie’s.

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