Exotic Locations Montage TOMORROW NEVER


Runtime: 4 minutes
Director: Roger Spottiswoode
Starring: Pierce Brosnan,Jonathan Pryce,Michelle Yeoh
IMDB: 6.5
Genres: Thriller, Adventure, Action
Studio: MGM
MPAA rating: NR (Not Rated)
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Locations montage that includes interesting details and background information.

James Bond-Still saving the world after all these years

‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ is a superb Bond film, and if you’re not lookingfor anything else, it provides some great entertainment.

The story: Bond (Pierce Brosnan) has the save the world from amegalomaniac again, but this time, the threat is Elliot Carver(Jonathan Pryce, clearly having the time of his life), a worldwidemedia baron who wants to start a war in order to get higher ratings.All the Bond regulars are here: Q (Desmond Llewelyn), who gives Bond anew BMW complete with rocket launchers, machine guns, and a remotecontrol (there’s a fun chase sequence in a high-rise garage where Bondsits in the backseat and drives the car by remote); M (Judi Dench),still frosty and unamused with some of Bond’s… questionable tactics;and Miss Moneypenny, who gets one of the best lines in the film.

The Bond girl this time around is Wai Lin (Michelle Yeoh), a Chineseagent who has also been sent to find out what Carver’s up to. Lin andBond team up in the last part of the film, and their chemistry isimpeccable. Lin also gets to kick some butt, which is always fun tosee.

Overall, if you’re looking for some good IL’ action and adventure, youcan’t go wrong with James Bond. 10/10

Tomorrow has the power!

OK, this is what i call an action movie, a great one, it has everythingyou need to make your adrenaline flow. And of course it also does itfor a Bond movie, it has funny lines, clichés, gadgets, and it deliverus a movie that is pure action and danger without losing the sense ofhumour (like all Bond movies).

James Bond had always fought to the powerful, but this is the firsttime, i think, that he deals to a press magnate like Elliot Carver, whocares nothing about an informed world as he says, but to get all thepower and money that he can. In WW2, the men who took advantage of thewar were those who manufactured weapons, in the 90’s, the medias gainas much money as them, so Elliot decides to begin a war to have thecomplete coverage of the deed, so our fellow agent 007 must stoop thiscrazy guy from beginning a war just for economic reasons…. So, we cansay the plot is quite good and original as well, nobody can say no.

And this movie was a great follow up to the blockbuster mega hit thatwas Goldeneye, Pierce Brosnan shining as the British agent, as healways did in his 007 period. Michelle Yeoh was great too, and sheportrayed perfectly good the woman of the 90’s: Independent, fightingside by side with men, even defeating them, smart, pretty, well the90’s woman……

The music by Sheryl Crow is lovely and sweet, and fits great into theatmosphere of the movie, something on what the producers of the Bondmovies always lay stress on. A good Bond movie needs a good song, and agood car too, ja.

"The difference between craze and greatness is measured only bysuccess" "There’s no news, like bad news" This is an example ofCarver’s "philosophy" of life, funny thing to hear, you realize he is acrazy that believes what he says….

So, if you are an action lover this movie is for you, and if you are aBond lover this movie will like you too.

Love this film

Really love this film apart from the villain Elliot Carver who is justrubbish and possibly the worst Bond villain ever. That said there is alot to like about this film. Pierce Brosnan is at his best and Ipersonally prefer the way he portrays Bond to Daniel Craig who looksmore like a builder than a Spy.

007 is on a mission to avert war between china and the West that ElliotCarver is manipulating to sell more news on his global media empire. Onthe way Bond meets up with his former lover, played by the beautifulTeri Hatcher who is now Carver’s wife.

Bond joins forces with Wai Lin played by the amazing Michelle Yeoh andthe Motorbike chase is better than most car chases in certain otherfilms I can think of. the action is fantastic.

Only down side is the ending which seems a bit of an anti-climax, butoverall another brilliant Bond film by the amazing Mr Brosnan.

One of the most exciting Bond films ever made

By far, my favorite of Brosnan along with "Goldeneye". Might not be oneof the best Bond movies but it’s certainly one of the most memorable.But truth be told: its effectiveness now is a little ruined to themassive appeal of the award winning "Skyfall", which at the same timereinvented Bond yet brought back some of its most appreciable qualities- this merge was inexistent in "Casino Royale" and "Quantum of Solace",both are just new reboots with a theme song to show that it’s faithfulto its roots.

Mr. Brosnan at the top of his game, so smooth, active and funny,returns as Bond with plenty of style in one of Bond’s most down toearth missions: to stop a possible conflict between England and Chinaabout to emerge from the dephts of a creative and destructive mind, theegocentric Elliot Carver (the priceless Jonathan Pryce), a media mogulà la Citizen Kane/Rupert Murdoch with his own declaration of principalswhich is to provide the news before they happen. The big scoop is tobroadcast (and cause!) the WWIII. 007 is helped by a Chinese agent, thehandy Colonel Wai-Lin (Michelle Yeoh) who is more advanced in herspy/fight techniques; and the other Bond girl is a former affair ofhis, now married with Elliot, a femme fatale played by Teri Hatcher.And this wouldn’t be a complete Bond movie without the gadgetscarefully supplied by Q (Desmond Llewelyn); here, a fully equipped BMWcar that can be guided with the cellphone which also has its deadlyfunctions. It’s quite obvious the merchant made by the already mentioncompany – they also brought a fancy motorcycle used in one of the mostthrilling sequences when James and Wai-Lin escape from Carver’shenchmen and that includes the couple’s fly over a helicopter.

"Tomorrow Never Dies" is great because it doesn’t commit any kind ofexcesses, the plot is very simple to follow (this can be viewed as aproblem to some, specially those who are more accustomed with complexplots, Bourne style) and never absurd; all the action and adventure arenot overplayed, prolonged or tiring, it’s all in a good measure andit’s very exciting. I dare say those sequences were quite inspired.High point: the building escape using Carver’s poster as a way out; theincredible car chase; Wai-Lin effortless escape tactics against thedangerous ones faced by 007, who feel a little annoyed with her. Theirpairing is one of the best in the series, but the great and funspectacle is the buffoon Carver and his memorable lines and actions(his mimics of Wai-Lin fighting style kills me every time). Obviously,he cannot put up a fight against the secret agent, but he has the loyaland muscular Stamper (Götz Otto), a frightening guy who likes totorture his victims, and that’s his only form of pleasure.

For me, the only downer of this movie was the theme song, that hurtsthe ears, completely oversung. Anyway, it’s a fun entertainment, filledwith adrenaline and we can’t forget the marvelous cast (one of thefinest in the series) with Judi Dench (M), Samantha Bond (Moneypenny),Geoffrey Palmer, Vincent Schiavelli, Ricky Jay, Joe Don Baker andGerard Butler (but you get an award if you find him in the middle ofall the action). 10/10

DVD (Special Edition Review)

After viewing the TND special Edition DVD, I can honestly say this is thebest overall DVD to date. The disk is packed with extras…Trailers,SherylCrow Video, Gadgets, Bond historical movie and of course the feature filmina variety of formats.The interface of controls is also a special treat.The movie gets an 8/10…for Bond fans and action fans alike. A must haveineveryone’s library.On the whole 10/10 well worth the extra money.*** A great choice for Demo’ing a home theatre***

Brosnans Second Best After Goldeneye

Tmorrow Never Dies is Pierce Brosnans second best bond movie afterGoldeneye 1995 & there are reasons for it.

starting Jonathan Pryce,Pierce Brosnan,Michelle Yeoh tomorrow ever dies1997 is enjoyable for bond fans as well as non bond fans if they seeit.

bond is on a mission to stop a media tycoon names Elliot carver who isplaning to create war between Uk & China.

the story,action,direction,Music Ost & acting all is top notch.specially the chase scenes are classic.

i enjoyed watching it & pierce brosnan is best bond he proved in hisbond era.Terry Hatcher as bond girl slaps bond in the party that scenemade me smile as it came unexpected & he goes ouch .this movie is toenjoy only just leave your brain behind & watch it to get entertained &you might love it & enjoy it.

This is better then Casino Royale & Quantum Of Solace those are worstmovies & worst bond actor Daniel Craig in it.all bond movies are bestexcept Daniel Craig’s.

Tomorrow never dies came in 1997 with titanic & became a instant hit.gofor it.

My Rating is 10/10 A Must Watch Best Movie

tomorrow never dies

a perfectly made film and superb actors and actresses. it has themakings of a golden movie and will be remembered and loved well intothe future. family safe. i loved it when i first saw and and still do.another brilliant bond film. Pierce Brosnan really out doeshimself.this is yet another fantastic bond movie with all of thethrills and action of the rest. pierce Bronson is drawing up to beingas good as Sean Connery and roger Moore. i am however disappointed hedidn’t continue doing the bond movies. his witty lines and stupidactions make a great comedy/action film packed with everything.itsguarantied to get you hooked onto the other movies. it is bonds 2ndbest film next to die another day with Hallie berry. (its a must seeto.)

Let the Mayhem Begin!

With James Bond firmly re-established after the success of "GoldenEye,"the producers bust the door open in grand fashion with the nextinstallment. The result is a tight, classy, explosive film that isdefinitely one of the series strongest. Never before has a Bond effortbeen so efficient, the hallmark of great modern action. Never beforehas the villain been as good, either.

That man is Elliot Carver (Jonathan Pryce), the world’s most powerfulmedia baron. Carver is a megalomaniac, but the difference is the film’sreliance on powerful characterization, not outlandish schemes, todefine him. Constantly making pompous self-references, at one pointcomparing himself Caesar, Napoleon and God; Carver is so full ofhimself his ego juice evaporates from his every pore. "The differencebetween genius and insanity is measured only by success," he declares.He enjoys punctuating his sentences with unusual adjectives like"delicious" or "outstanding," words that describe the movie well.

Some Bond fans have taken up arms over the speed of the film, assertingit goes too far. What they forget is the way Bond’s popularity fell inthe 80s at the hands of superior competition, not to mention howquickly he was forgotten in the early 90s. Changes needed to be made inorder for Bond to survive in a new era. In the end, he is more excitingthan ever, despite complaints about the changes, which began in theDalton era anyway and are more superficial than the outcry suggests.

True, "Tomorrow Never Dies" is kinetic, but it never forgets itscharacters or neglects the story. It maintains its pace yet stillcreates and develops interesting people, which has not consistentlybeen a strength of the franchise in the past. The two preceding filmsdid a superb job with their characters, but this one manages to topeven them. The plot is in fact unusually intricate for a Bond movie, orany action film. It is well fleshed out and clearly explained, so thediligent viewer will not have any trouble following it. Both changesare most refreshing.

The story involves ascending tensions between Britain and China,beginning with the sinking of an English battleship in the South ChinaSea. The captain gives his final position in international waters, andM (Judi Dench), the head of British intelligence, soon suspects thatCarver deliberately led the ship off course. While all doubt about theculprit’s identity is quickly removed, the how and the why prove muchmore complicated. During Bond’s investigation, he meets Wai Lin(Michelle Yeoh), a Chinese secret agent investigating Carver from theother end, and Paris (the lovely Teri Hatcher), a former mate and nowCarver’s wife.

It is difficult to become involved in a Bond movie without an affinityfor Bond, and Pierce Brosnan engenders that as well as anyone. After avery solid, but not exceptional debut, Brosnan now possesses all of theswagger, cool confidence, and toughness needed. He also continues hispractice of making Bond more human, which leaves the character morelikable than he often was in the past.

A paramount element of any action thriller is the villain, and JonathanPryce’s shoots a bullseye with every arrow. He understands Carver’scomplete amorality, and takes command of the role with fire and spirit.He deftly avoids making the mistake of taking his role too somberly, ashe provides several chuckles for the audience with his captivatingperformance. That task is not an easy one. He combines his talents withthose of writer Bruce Feirstein and director Roger Spottiswoode tocreate the splendid opponent for Agent 007.

Götz Otto also leaves a lasting impression in his role as Stamper,Carver’s muscular, psycho-blonde Chief of Security. Stamper becomes themost imposing henchman since Oddjob, and that is a powerful statement.Unlike many of Oddjob’s successors, however, he is not invincible.Vincent Schiavelli also makes a brief appearance as a self-absorbeddoctor of death in one of the film’s best scenes.

As for the Bond girls, Spottiswoode breaks the tradition of casting forskin only. Instead, he chooses one who is athletic; she can take careof herself almost as well as Bond can. Yeoh shows almost no skin, butleaves an indelible impression with her stunts and fight scenes.

If the villain is not the most vital element in a Bond film, then theaction is, and "Tomorrow Never Dies" delivers in pure adrenaline. Ithas four major action segments starting with Bond’s daring raid on aconfused terrorist camp, an ingenious pursuit through a parking garagewith Bond literally backseat driving his gadget laden BMW and anincredible motorcycle chase through Saigon.

The fourth comes in the climactic battle as hundreds of bullets shredand sunder the interior of Carver’s catamaran, not to mention more thana few bodies. This scene has shooting, dodging, running, diving,aiming, chaos, strategy, cover, and desperation abundantly. Legendarystunt coordinator Vic Armstrong’s choreography is peerless and the setis covered so well that we feel like we are in the boat, covering theevent like one of Carver’s newsmen. Spottiswoode understands that thegreat directors do not try to be innovative, but let the quality of theproduction speak for itself. As in GoldenEye, the melees are bonecrushing, but are photographed so the movie can maintain its PG-13rating.

Tomorrow Never Dies proves that after 35 years, Bond is still bona-fideentertainment, and far from "brainless action." If some of thenaysayers have discouraged you from seeing this, cast aside your doubtsand enjoy. After all, Gene Siskel gave it a thumbs-up not because ofthe action, not because of Brosnan, but because he liked the supportingcharacters, and that is only part of the fun.


WARNING: There may be some spoilers in this review!

As a die-hard Bond fan i am often criticised about the choice of myfavourite Bond film ever. Some will say ‘Dr. No’, and then there areothers who claim that ‘Goldfinger’ is the best. However as far as i amconcerned, this is the best Bond film. This does get lot of stick frommany fans and critics, but i will try and place all the really goodpoints within this review.

Firstly, Brosnan is far more at home in this movie in the role of Bondthen in ‘GoldenEye’.

Secondly, Jonathan Pryce is fantastic as the villain. This is a newtype of baddie for the Bond series, and is a very clever character.Pryce plays it well in all of the scenes, whether he is Bwa-ha-haingdown Bond’s ear or ordering the execution of his wife.

Thirdly, Teri Hatcher is wonderfully tragic as Paris Carver, the doomedsacrificial lamb of the film, and also very attractive. The scenesbetween her and Bond are also very well written and shot.

Fouthly, the music. David Arnold does a good job in scoring the film ina very John Barry style, starting with Classic Bond, followed by TechnoBond, and finally by Asian Bond.

Fiftly, the final shoot-em-up on the Stealth Boat is exciting andmemorable. The action is well-filmed, and the final deaths of Carverand his German heavy, Stamper, justly disgusting!

There are a few minor problems. I’m not really a big fan of MichelleYeoh, though she does kick bottom in several scenes. Joe Don Baker’scharacter, though funny in ‘GoldenEye’, is not really necessary inthis film. Finally, maybe there is a bit too much action in the lastfew moments of the film.

Still, this is a worthy and brilliant entry in the series, and myfavourite of all!!


One of the best Bond movies ever

Very very nice, 10/10. The chinese girl is great in her role, Brosnan isbetter than ever (definitely the best his film), good chase scenes, goodvillains, etc etc.

Far better than The World is Not Enough, or any other recent Bond flick.

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