Eve Destruction Gregory Hines


Runtime: 1 hour, 40 minutes
Director: Duncan Gibbins
Starring: Gregory Hines,Renée Soutendijk,Michael Greene
IMDB: 4.8
Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller, Action, Mystery
Studio: MGM
MPAA rating: R (Restricted)
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A beautiful high-tech battle android malfunctions during it’s trial run and seeks vengeance on the men who wronged her creator, Dr. Eve Simmons.

A time bomb waiting to happen!

Averting threats are a common way to keep peace in check, but when itcomes to a robot with a built-in bomb, there’s going to be trouble. ForCol. Jim McQuade(Gregory Hines), he’s the man. The robot Eve VIII(ReneeSoutendjik) has the memories of her creator(also played by her).However, she has the worst temper out of any woman you would cross.When she was with those rowdy guys. There was a bit of humor when shebit one of them on the "love gun". Rule number one, never revealyourself to a lady robot. You just might get it! I know he won’t behaving sex for a while, OUCH! It was more painful to watch when shebroke the other guy’s arm. She was like that when she was going on thebrink. She was much more dangerous when she started ticking. The onlyAchilles’ heel on her were her eyes. And Jim had the laser sighted gunto use against her. The subway scene is one I’ll never forget.Confronting EVE VIII, seeing the laser sight before her, and the subwaytrain heading towards McQuade. The trains were computer-controlled andJim’s quick thinking always seems to be on his side. This movie has theaction, yet it was very subtle. Very watchable though. 2.5 out of 5stars

"Eve of Destruction" is a perfect example of the sci-fi movies audiences were getting in the early and mid-1990s

The movie was a box office disaster when originally released, but founda second life on VHS and DVD. It’s been largely ignored over the years,partly because it’s rarely shown on television.

Eve VIII (Renee Soutendijk) is a deadly android created in the image ofher maker. After years of research, the machine is sent out on herfirst test mission. Things go horribly wrong when she’s damaged andshort- circuits. Now, Eve VIII is maiming and killing anything itperceives as a threat. Terrorism expert Jim McQuade (Gregory Hines) andthe android’s creator must track it down before she goes nuclear.

I remember seeing this little slice of cheese in theaters when it firstcame out and often wondered what happened to it. It’s not a great movieby any means. However, if you’re looking for some additional cyborg funafter exhausting your copies of all the "Terminator" movies, look nofurther. The best way to describe this is as the "Terminator" if ArnoldSchwarzenegger was replaced by a middle-aged blonde in a mini-skirt andhigh-heels.

The late Gregory Hines does a wonderful job playing the no-nonsenseterrorist expert assigned to track down Eve VIII. He marches aroundconvincingly with his oversized pistol wondering why they didn’t givethe android an "f@3!ing off switch." Renee Soutendijk portrays both thedoctor and the Eve VIII robot, switching back and forth from panic-stricken to emotionless, seductive, and angry. The movie really gavethe actor a wide range of emotions to bounce through in her firstAmerican role.

The movie is rated R for strong violence, language, adult situations,and nudity. it really feels like the boob shots in "Eve of Destruction"are needless and tacked on to tantalize male audiences. They don’t helpto further the story or plot, except to show that Eve VIII looks realin every way. I still don’t think they were necessary to get the pointacross.

"Eve of Destruction" is a perfect example of the sci-fi moviesaudiences were getting in the early and mid-1990s. It fits nicely nextto such cult classics as "Mandroid," "Nemesis," "Hardware," and"Universal Soldier." Is it as entertaining as "Terminator 2: JudgmentDay" or "Total Recall?" Of course not, but it still has its place inthe Museum of Schlocky Genre Cheese.

Routine….until the exciting climax.

A peculiar story of a woman scientist trying to track down (with the help ofa tough army colonel) a female robot with nuclear powers, who not only lookslike her but also shares her thoughts and memories. The gimmick is that therobot has no inhibitions, and acts out the woman’s darkest sexual andviolent fantasies, until "it" gets completely out of control. The storyprovides plenty of opportunities for male-bashing (it seems that almostevery man that the robot meets is a chauvinistic pig), and the film doesn’tmiss any of them. But if you’re patient, you’ll be rewarded; the climacticsequence in the New York subway is excitingly staged and delivers the goods.And Renee Soutendijk is utterly convincing in both her roles. (**1/2)

A good sci-fi B Movie

The premise of this film is how robots, complete with comprehensivecopies of human minds and with immense strength, power and armament,may deal with the darker parts of their copied brain. Renée Soutendijkgets to play both the human creator, Dr Eve, and her robot copy namedEve VIII, and pretty juicy parts they are to play too, poles apart, andevery good actors dream role. And a pretty good job she does too, nevertoo overplayed, never too crude, just subtle.

When Eve VIII escapes and appears to go on to blood letting of extremeproportions we are treated to some insight into the darker parts of DrEve’s mind, at first to titillate and then to hunt the errant robotdown. And it is not badly done either. Okay some of the dialogue may bea little comical or flawed at times, but the underlying tale is alwayswatchable and that is what films are supposed to be. Tension isratcheted up nicely throughout, and the ending is almost as good as onewould expect from this kind of B movie genre. It certainly puts toshame many much more hyped up pieces of the sci-fi genre around on thecircuits these days.

Worth a watch and six out of ten.

Looks like you found the off switch….

Eve is a military robot made to look exactly like her creator.

When she is damaged during a bank robbery, the robot begins to use moreof the memories she has been programmed with by her creator, the dark,angry ones.

She becomes a killing machine if anyone tries to stop her.

A tap dancer is assigned to stop the robot and with the scientist whoprogrammed her tries to think what she will do next….

This was the original Terminatrix, back in 1991 there were only twocyborgs, Arnie and Eve. Guess who is the least remembered? What Ididn’t get was just how serious the tone of the film was. Imean thefilm is basically about a nuclear bomb that gets frustrated when itscalled a certain word that is derogatory toward women, this should havebeen hilarious.

When Hines shows up, I thought, this could get the ribs tickled nowthis guy is in it, but he looks really angry through the film, andruins the camp feel it should have.

Rene however you pronounce her surname, is really grim in this, attimes I couldn’t tell who was the cyborg and who was the Doctor, shewas that wooden, and it’s surprising considering shes so good inSpetters.

But, it’s a cyborg movie, a nuclear bomb cyborg movie, and it deliverthat typical cheesy nineties action you expect.

Yuppies get owned, hillbillies lose parts of them, and eyes get shotout by Hines, so all is not lost.

Early nineties video stores were rife with his type of film early inthe nineties, this one wasn’t that bad.

your worst nightmare: A female terminator with human emotions!

So let’s see if Gregory Hines can tap dance his way out of this one!Eve 8 is a human cyborg created secretly by the military, and she’sarmed and dangerous. She doesn’t seem to have any problem getting holdof any weapon, and don’t even think of trying to tackle her down withhand to hand combat. She’s mean, ruthless, and she’s on the loose. Thecyborg is being tested, so its not yet programmed with any militarycommands. The experiment goes awry during a bank robbery, when she isshot, which screwed up her internal workings. Now she’s on the lose, tothe public, and nobody is safe from her unpredictable shenanigans. Theonly two people who stand a good shot at taking her down is Jim McQuade( Hines), who is a colonel given special orders to move onto a specialassignment. He won’t be too happy about this, and his mood doesn’t looklike it will improve much through the film, as this is taking time awayfrom his training camp. His special assignment: Take down Eve VIII byany means of force necessary. He won’t be able to do this by himself,however, as he finds himself teamed up with Dr. Eve Simmons. Dr.Simmons will prove herself a vital tool in McQuades quest in thenot-so-easy task of taking this military robot down and out of harmsway. Eve 8 is almost a duplicate of Dr. Simmons, since she was takenfrom her image, although Simmons will argue that they are not entirelythe same. ( Of course, Dr. Simmons isn’t going around shootinganybody!) Another advantage that Simmons has on helping to end thecyborgs insane rampage, is that the robot seems to have inheritedher…ready for this?…memories and secret fantasies. These memoriessomehow got programmed into the robot, and none of them seem to be goodmemories, as we see in the flashbacks. These memories are playedrandomly through the cyborgs mind, who appears human, but is almostentirely machine. The memories mainly deal with a little girl watchingher daddy abusing mommy, which upsets her quite dramatically. If youvalue your life, you will NOT call her the name that rhymes with"witch"…this is a very BAD trigger in her that causes her to becomequite violent. Looks like your mouth just wrote a check your buttcouldn’t cash, boys! Life goes on, luckily, without you, since her maintarget kills seem to be knocking off insensitive men. My kind of woman!If she knew how to cook, I’d say "I do" to something like that! Lifeseems to get more complicated, however, for our hero McQuade, when helearns that a certain event has triggered Eve 8 into ‘battle fieldmode’. Battle field mode means she’s put herself on a 24 hour clock.She’s literally giving you one day to pack your stuff, and go find acorner to tuck your head into, and pray you survive the explosion. Shecould take out several, SEVERAL blocks of innocent lives. It’s a ratrace against time to put an end to Eve 8 once and for all! Although thescript suffers a bit, mainly due to the over abundant lack of answersto the questions that may be posed to the viewer, Eve Of Destructionisn’t a complete bust. It’s overall a great violent action thrillerwith some pretty good scenes, including a car chase, a mishap in themotel room ( God, I love you! ), and the climatic ending. I must warn,for Gregory Hines fans, this film would be ‘for fans only’, as it’s afar cry from Running Scared. In fact, after this movie is over, he maynot be the only one running scared.

Eve of Destruction

Mediocre sci-fi thriller about a renegade android, Eve VIII(RenéeSoutendijk)who malfunctions when she is shot by a bank robber while ona mission. Her creator, Dr. Eve Simmons(also Renée Soutendijk)designedthe female android with the same facial characteristics, while alsotransferring memories, thoughts, and feelings from herself. Thosememories reoccur in Eve VIII’s mind and she reacts violently. She isvery dangerous because, she is a nuclear threat as well. Equipped witha machine gun, this android has to be stopped because she is also verypowerful with the ability to toss men across rooms and in the air withease. The secret government group funding the Eve project enlist theaide of Colonel Jim McQuade(Gregory Hines)with expertise inanti-terrorism, to somehow stop the malfunctioning killer androidbefore truly dire consequences erupt. Many innocent bystanders, and afew profane undesirables, will cross Eve VIII’s path and suffer theconsequences. The film shows how Dr. Eve must assist McQuade in hisefforts to find and kill her creation(a shot through the eyes is theway to down it). The android targets Eve’s father(for the murder of hermother which returns in a memory)and later, in the film’s harrowingclimax in the New York subway, her son.

The film owes a hell of a lot to the really good leads who work welloff each other. I’ve always felt Hines had a strong presence on-screen,very easy to like and charismatic. He takes what could’ve easily been adull role and injects life into it. I like his character because he’ssympathetic to Eve’s cause, yet looks at the dire, difficult situationthey find themselves with a levelheadedness. Renée Soutendijk, Ithought, was very impressive in this film..having to portray twodifferent characters while making both of them different than the otheris an outstanding accomplishment. I give praise for her work in such arather unextraordinary sci-fi actioner. Pretty much by-the-numbers, butthe leads keep it interesting.

Kevin McCarthy has a cameo as Eve’s now old-aged father.

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