Dolphins Pierce Brosnan

Runtime: 39 minutes
Director: Greg MacGillivray
Starring: Pierce Brosnan,Alejandro Acevedo-Gutiérrez,Dean Bernal
IMDB: 7.3
Genres: Documentary
Studio: MacGillivray Freeman Films
MPAA rating: NR (Not Rated)
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Experience how dolphins live and play and unravel the mysteries of dolphin communication in this Academy Award-nominated IMAX documentary. From rarely seen fish-herding techniques to highly sophisticated communication behavior, Dolphins offers a fascinating new perspective on the complex lives of these intriguing animals and their remarkable intelligence.

Entertaining, Informative and Engaging

An entertaining, informative movie with great computer graphics, superbcamera work and marvelous narration by the syrupy voice of Pierce Brosnan.It held the attention of not only two 30-something adults, but three kidsaged 7, 5 and 4. What more needs to be said? Highly recommended.

Dolphins? Check. Pierce Brosnan? Check. Woman in Skimpy Swimsuit?……OK.

Dolphins are by far the greatest sea dwellers to swim in the seas thatsurround us. they are amazing beyond our comprehension and imagination.So why not get educated more about them…in Imax! Since this is adocumentary about dolphins, there’s not much to be said, but hey, icannot leave this comment on the IMDb without mentioning how awesomethe female scientist is. Kathleen Dudzinski, the Woman behind theeducation in this documentary, says she’s dedicated her whole life tostudying dolphins and educating people…it also seems that you seemore of her than you see of the dolphins. The tagline of thisdocumentary should be "Stare long enough and you might see a dolphin!"OK, OK, enough with bashing that.

Bottom line, it’s still a good, informative documentary you shouldcheck out. plus, it’s in Imax!!!

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