Dolphin Boy Morad Ezbe

Runtime: 1 hour, 12 minutes
Director: Dani Menkin, Yonatan Nir

IMDB: 7.2
Genres: Drama, Documentary
Studio: Menkin Productions, Ltd.
MPAA rating: NR (Not Rated)
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Morad disconnects himself from people, following a violent attack he experiences. His father takes him to be treated by dolphins in the Red sea. Morad starts speaking again after months of silence, but erases his past and refuses to go back home.

why I love this film

Whenever one sees an Israeli film that includes Arabs, one can assume ameaningful "message" will follow. And that does happen here but in atotally unpredictable way. This movie is about the power of love, butalso the strength of love. The depicted relationship of the father andson transcend boundaries we may have seen before, let alone been luckyenough to experience personally. Selflessness, devotion, patience,persistence, and TIME. This miracle took 4 years to accomplish. (Icouldn’t help thinking that in the US after the initial treatmentfailures, this young man would have been institutionalized to remainlost in his personal limbo; insurance would not cover this therapy.) Irealize I’m reading translations but even the language used by thefather and son were poetic (not exact but "he is the blood that runs inmy veins," "who can love her more than I," or when the son finallyacknowledges his mother after 2 years, she says that the milk came intoher breast as if he was newborn). An incredible confluence of eventsmade this film possible. Please see it

honest, moving and awesome.

There are many great things about Dolphin Boy. One is it’s powerdespite a simple and basic no frills approach to film-making, a clearindicator of a wonderful story. A great start for any documentary.

The story is certainly extraordinary and interesting in how it’scontent unravels, but what struck me most was how easy it is to connectemotionally with the thoughts and feelings captured from those mostinvolved in the situation, (primarily dolphin boy himself and hisfather,) which are wholly honest and refreshingly simple (perhapsindirectly facilitated to a certain extent by English subtitlestranslating and maybe simplifying the Hebrew speech.) Whatever thereason, one cannot help but be gripped by the psychological changes anddevelopments in dolphin boy himself and the absolute love and devotionof his father. There are only subtle reminders of the wider socialsituation in play and developments ‘within the wider world’ as it were,and these work very well to keep us informed but not divert or tangentfrom the sole focus of the film.

And perhaps that’s the point. When true relationships are completely atstake the wider world is always there but appears in comparison as akind of translucent backdrop to resolving and nurturing that whichreally matters.

Watch it and see what happens.

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