Dirty Girl Jeremy Dozier

Runtime: 1 hour, 29 minutes
Director: Abe Sylvia
Starring: Juno Temple,Jeremy Dozier,Milla Jovovich
IMDB: 6.5
Genres: Drama, Comedy
Studio: The Weinstein Company
MPAA rating: R (Restricted)
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Rebellious 80s high school student Danielle (Juno Temple) runs away to find her birth father. Along for the funny, heartfelt journey are her gay friend Clarke and a bag of flour named Joan.

So Fun!!!!

Abe Sylvia wrote and directed a wonderful movie about growing up thatmakes the entire audience cheer, laugh and cry. He does this troughmagical chemistry between both lead characters, great plot developmentand really smart humor. This is one of the funniest movies I have seenin a long time. I highly recommend it to anyone that has a witty senseof humor! All I can say is that this movie is for those with a high IQ!

As for those posting about the hair/makeup/costumes, clearly you haveno sense of humor and have never opened a 1987 Norman High SchoolYearbook. The movie is set in 1987 Norman Oklahoma not Los Angeles.Everyone looked like that, even if you don’t want to remember yourselfthat way!

Must see movie

Everything about this movie is great. The story, the soundtrack, thecharacters, the way it was filmed, literally everything. When I chooseto watch this movie I didn’t know what to expect since I didn’t readsummaries or watch a trailer. The reason I choose to watch this movieis because of the actress Juno Temple, who by the way did a good job. Iloved her connection with Clarke, their strong friendship made themovie very interesting and their adventure and road trip made the movieenjoyable. The movie isn’t all happy though, there are some sadmoments. It is definitely a tear jerker especially if you can relate tothe story. However, the ending is quite satisfying and I wouldn’t haveit another way. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has a goodsense of humor and anyone who enjoys a good story line with a greatlesson.

The Real ‘Juno’

Freshman writer & director Abe Sylvia has created the memorable as wellas entertaining road picture "Dirty Girl," about a teenage high schoolstudent who hit’s the highway in search of the father that she neverknew. Danielle (Juno Temple) gets herself in trouble when she opens herfoul mouth in class and lands feet first in the principal’s office. Thetime is 1987 and Danielle is the kind of girl who doesn’t get pickedup, but who picks up. She has her three D system: discriminate(choose), designate (make herself look sexy) and dump (get rid of themafter the dirty deed). Naturally, she is considered the school slut andher amorous activities get her send to do time with the misfits at theschool. Sylvia deals with dozens of relevant themes: parenthood,masculinity, love, courage, and abortion. Mrs. Hatcher, who teaches theoutcasts’ class comes up with a typical school exercise aboutparenting. She assigns couples and furnishes each with a five pound bagof flour that they are suppose to treat like their offspring. Mrs.Hatcher pairs a reclusive young man, Clarke (Jeremy Dozier) to sharethe parental duties with Danielle. Of course, Danielle displays nothingbut disgust for her gay partner. Nevertheless, as time progresses, shecomes to see him as a person rather than a sexual deviation. Meanwhile,Clarke’s evil father Joseph (Dwight Yoakam of "Sling Blade") suspectsthat his portly son may be gay and sends him to chiropractor foranalysis. Actually, Joseph is right; Clarke is a flamer with cause.Initially, Danielle and Clarke are at odds until she decides to standup for him. Unfortunately, Clarke’s mother Peggy (Mary Steenburgen of"Time After Time") discovers the truth when she is making up Clarke’sbed and finds gay pornographic pin-up pictures.

By this time, Danielle has grown disgusted with her own mom, Sue-Ann(Milla Jovovich of "The Fourth Kind"), particularly when she plans tomarry Ray (William H. Macy of "Fargo") and live with him and hisdaughter and son. Danielle refuses to have anything to do with Ray andcompany and Ray takes away the car keys to her Mustang and they leaveher to starve for the weekend. Clarke shows up with plastic and the twodine on Chinese food. Danielle shows Clarke a picture of the man thatshe suspects is her long lost father and they hit the road in Clarke’sfather car to drive for Fresno. Juno Temple is a knock-out! This isneither a bad scene nor a bad performance in this celebration of life,love, and diversity. Sylvia never wears out his welcome and "DirtyGirl" ripples with energy and charisma. The story about two misfits whofind strength in each other and dare to take on the world isinspirational. Some of the subject matter may not be the stuff oftraditional romances. No, Danielle doesn’t make a straight guy out ofClarke. Sylvia blends comedy with tragedy adeptly. One of the funniestscenes finds out protagonists afoot in the middle of nowhere afterJoseph has recovered his car. Danielle hears about a strippers dancecontest and decides that it is the only way for Clarke and her to getmoney so they can resume their trip. The site of the contest is aSouthern Comfort style bar with a rebel flag and rednecks galore.Danielle starts her act while Clarke hangs out back by the bar andwatches her. About half way into her act, Danielle realizes that herseductive charms aren’t having their usual impact. Earlier, thebartender had warned her that Jade has never lost a strip contest.Clarke discovers that Jade is really a bare-chested guy and he warnsDanielle that they are in a gay bar. Clarke climbs on stage, performs astrip tease and wins the $50 that Danielle and he need to continuetheir journey. "Dirty Girl" isn’t really a dirty movie despite itsquestionable subject matter. The soundtrack thrives with severalchartbusters from the 198os. A must see for the indie crowd.

Great Little Indy Film

I went into this movie with relatively low expectations; looking aroundon Netflix for something to watch to kill a bit of time, and leftthinking it was the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. I laughed, Icried; I emphasized with the characters.

Juno Temple gives a great performance as the girl with the badreputation of being the "dirty girl" at her school, who gets throwninto a class of misfits after her misbehavior, which included Clarke,who was struggling with coming out of the closet; wonderfully portrayedby Jeremy Dozier. The two get paired up on a project unwillingly toraise a flower sack "baby," who ends up being a cute little part of themovie as its expressions change throughout.

Dwight Yoakam as always did a great job of playing a mean and nasty guyas Clarke’s homophobic father. Mary Steenbrugen gave a laudableperformance as his mother; Juno Temple was as cute as a bug in themovie, the 80s soundtrack is great; lots of laughs throughout, plentyof scenes where you could feel especially for Clarke. At the end Iwondered if her character would have went on to have any relationshipwith her father, who despite not wanting her to live with him, turnedout to be a really good man; and the experience of meeting him, coupledwith finding out the truth that her father thought she was aborted, butthat her mother chose to keep her made her see her mom in a wholedifferent light, and made her reform herself from being the "dirtygirl." I’m sure I will watch this movie may more times over the years.It has all the charm of an 80s John Hughes film.

Wildly Enjoyable Camp Trip with youthful Heart

Imperfect gems are the joy of the Hollywood mine, this one I found byaccident on cable during a flu ridden autumn day home from work. Itcertainly made me feel better, reminding me of the old youthful heartwhich yearned for connections and answers desperately, which the twocentral characters Danielle and Clark, beautifully struck by JunoTemple and Jeremy Dozier, embody in a film rollicking somewhere betweenJohn Waters Polyester, John Cameron Mitchell’s Hedwig and The AngryInch and Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion. A relatively simpleframework of a road trip movie set in 1987 sees two high schooloutsiders embark on an escape from the trials of teenage strugglestowards adult life and answers only to find they come with their ownpain. It’s a fun ride with lots of great 1980s stylings and a poppingsoundtrack with great tracks like Strut by Sheena Easton and more fromthe likes of Melissa Manchester, Pat Bentar, Rita Coolidge, BelindaCarlisle and Nu Shooz.The support cast is fun with Mary Steenburgen andMilla Jovovich in fine form. It’s a very 1980s film and while it’simperfect it’s so much fun it transcends it’s own limitations to be adelight.

An amazing movie that touches on SO many subjects!

I watched this movie on netflix out of boredom and I was hooked fromthe opening quote. I have never laughed and cried so much from onemovie. Outstanding performance by Juno & Jeremy alike. If you’reanything like me you will find something in common with both of thesemain characters. If you’re a lot like me you’ll find that it feels asif these characters were based off of you. The supporting cast isphenomenal for the small parts they have and you may eve find yourselfrelating to them in sorts. The movie is a roller coaster ride ofemotions and you’ll love every moment. Honestly, amazing amazingamazing.

Beautiful film, but warning, do not watch if you have daddy issues!

This film was amazing, in my opinion, i loved it, it was fun. The onlything that I can honestly say is that I have major daddy issues andthis hit home! like you wouldn’t believe! I ended up being a sobbingmess and I swear this girl can act, despite what some critics aresaying, she made me cry and that doesn’t happen often for me. Shehonestly is a beautiful girl, and then her best friend is just a laugh,honestly the unlikely pair. I can honestly see the realistic vibesradiating off these two, and just the portrayal of his strength despitehow his father treats him, it’s something you don’t think you seeeveryday but here you see it can be anyone. Brilliant film! Defrecommend!

I think I get this… John Waters as an influence?

OK, so this is an inspiring tale of youth discovering their true-selvesand coming-of-age. It’s an off-kilter (indy) movie, it’s got a bitchin’80s soundtrack, guys that are cowards, yet discovery their bravery,girls that end up shitty because of bad-parenting, yet become goodrole-models.

Pretty much, I think you get this movie or not, it’s left-field, it’slike John Waters post-modern Dada(GaGa) painting, it’s impressionistand blurry. Hell, it’s bad, clunky and poorly delivered, but I think itwas meant to be. Without being all gushy and twee, when it’s bad it’salmost purposely so, it doesn’t do a massive emotional punch, it justsucks the air out of you sometimes, I think that’s different and notsomething I’ve seen done in a lot of movies.

Really quite touching.

Also, upbeat bonus points for the bitchin’ soundtrack – again.

A Clean Sweep

What a find. I hated the title Dirty Girl (10/10 Stars) so much, Ididn’t want to see it. And even following this viewing, I still felt itneeded a better name so that more people would see it.

But, I read a little about it, and even ‘like’d the star’s, JeremyDozier, page on Facebook following my research and prior to seeing themovie. Then, I dove into what I will proudly say: this was one of thebest movie’s I’ve seen. (This…coming from one of the pickiest critics Iknow.)

I’m guessing Dirty Girl is supposed to be an "indie" film, but heavens,it feels a lot larger than that. I mean, for one, look at the cast:Milla Jovovich, Mary Steenburgen, Dwight Yoakam, William H. Macy (as agasp!… Mormon), Nicolas D’Agosto, Tim McGraw, and a few other minorsurprises. Even for an indie, you’re lucky to get one big name to helppromote your movie; this has at least half a dozen. And beyond theactors, the grand production value and direction screams a budget 10xthe size of most independent films.

Okay, past the stars and professional filmmaking, we have first-timerDozier, who was fantastic and equally great: a seeminglyyounger-version, but far sexier, of Christina Applegate, Juno Temple.They both, apparently, are great friends beyond the camera and despiteTemple’s character, thee dirty girl, Danielle treating him fairly awfulthroughout the movie, they had excellent chemistry.

The story’s fresh, original and fun. The jokes are laugh-out-loud – myfavorite running-gag was the bag of child with her facial expressions.And the emotions run deep. Oh, and soundtrack was a great homage to the1980s.

Sure, there are plenty of 1980s renditions out there, i.e. the wildlyinferior Take Me Home Tonight, but this one not only put be back to thefuture (of the time), it didn’t over do it. No need. It’s set in the1980s, so be it. (Sorry, that was a 1990 reference of Pump up theVolume…but still…) It was a very nice backdrop, such as the hair andthe incredible music.

Basically, the movie boils down to mean-slut Danielle who forced into apartnership with fellow high school student, Clarke, who happens to begay. Allow me to stop the synopsis right there…just for those who don’tknow, being an out teen in the 1980s was NOT the accepted preference asit is today, or even in the early 1990s. So, I can completely empathizewith this character dancing around his sexuality, even though, for themost part he’s a free spirit.

I digress. After a hilarious series of events, Danielle learns herlong-since abandoned father lives a mere couple of states over inCalifornia and she and Clarke team up to go and meet him.

Road Trip Movie? Not really. This is much more brilliant than that.There are just so many more layers to this as a whole to reduce it tothat level.

While hardly any movie’s perfect – Clarke’s enormously homophobic assof a father finding them on their journey a couple of times was alittle too much of a stretch – this one comes very close. I can’t waitto see it again. This only happens in my viewing experiences when I seesincerity in both the writers and especially the actors on screen. Ineed to see someone put their heart in a project and I need to seeoriginality as well as people that believe in their product. You’llfind that here. I give it my highest recommendation…and I have alreadypassed the word onto my friends so more people will see this hiddentreasure.

Side Note: Sure, I understand the simple title; it’s stated throughoutthe movie as "no one wants to be a ‘dirty girl.’" But, I still thinkthe movie would’ve been best served with a more deserving title thatwouldn’t typically be proceeded with: "National Lampoon’s."

Don’t judge a movie by its title.

This is for me of of the best written movies I have seen. It istouching, sweet and it drove me to tears at the end.

Almost all of us have difficult teenage years. But the circumstances ofthe two main characters are beyond what most of us had to go through.This search for identity, this need to belong, to know where we arefrom and what we are going to become.

Juno Temple and Jeremy Dozier play as the kids they are, but bring agenuine maturity to their characters. It makes me love them both. Andit has to be noted that at such a young age they’re able to carry thewhole movie with so much grace.

I don’t know if this movie has won any prize, but it sure deserves ahuge round of applause. Well done Juno and Jeremy. You have provedbeyond a shadow of a doubt that you have talent and that you deserveyou place among the silver screen stars of today and tomorrow.

I’ll watch for your next projects. Huggs and kisses to you both.

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