Central Intelligence Unrated Dwayne Johnson

Runtime: 1 hour, 56 minutes
Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber
Starring: Dwayne Johnson,Kevin Hart,Danielle Nicolet
IMDB: 6.4
Genres: Adventure, Action, Comedy
Studio: Warner Bros.
MPAA rating: NR (Not Rated)
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The Unrated Version has over 8 additional minutes of outrageous action and hilarious scenes not seen in theaters. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are a hilarious action comedy duo!

Very funny, a great movie to go see at the cinemas

I really enjoyed this movie a lot. It was almost as good as the intern.I would highly recommend it. I went to see it because my brother saidthat he thinks it is great a first I did not want to go because itseemed cheesy, but I was in for a nice surprise! Go see it! Just go!Kevin and Dwayne’s chemistry is great. Also the plot is interesting.The final part of the movie is also funny!Also it’s pretty clean movienot a lot of bad words, and almost no sexual things going on. It’s PG13yes. I have to say that there is no real message in the movie only funto watch and laugh. For sure watch the final part of the movie afterthe end. Those are a lot of fun!

Buddy Cop movie for all types of people

Kevin Hart does it again as the washed up high school athletic star andDwayne Johnson as a character who almost anyone can relate too and alot of laughable and cringe worthy moments

May not be Oscar material but the acting was good for what it wassuppose to be

This movie is a busy cop action comedy for all types of people, andactually not as dirty as you would think

Not for young kids in my opinion

Their were two big surprises at least in the US version to where thetwo stars of Identity Thief show up in an unaccredited role and madethe whole movie

Painfully Funny Slapstick

Sat down wanting to shake off the day over a couple of jars and a fewjokes. After allowing for the slightly clumsy though well acted set-upthe pace did not let up for a moment. With two high quality leads andexcellent scripts this "brain off" funny movie left me and my family institches.

I want slapstick and with this vehicle for visual and verbal jokery andwas rewarded in spades, this was not an intellectual chuckle, I hurtfrom laughing.

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Harts swapping of funny/straight lines wasdone crisply and the best comedic talent was bought out of both actorswho balanced hamming it up with some excellent down the line acting.

The support cast of wives, friends, CIA etc. come straight out of everyAmerican movie you’ve ever watched and were done to perfection.

Well worth it humour for teens and up..

Best Summer Movie – Go See It – Smart Funny Explosive

This has got to be the BEST SUMMER COMEDY in 2016. In an era whencomedies have slipped into inane stupidity floundering, falling waybelow any Animal House level or Spaceball spoof, Central Intelligencehas broken the mold with Fantastic Comedy, Pure Adrenaline andKick-the-Bully-Heart!

This movie is inventive, has fabulous misdirection and engaging specialeffects and the chemistry between the male leads simply is a joy towatch. In a head-to-head with Ghostbusters, Central Intelligenceactually won – thankfully Melissa was in both, but her cameo in CentralIntelligence was just off the charts adorable and had the audiencerolling in the aisle!

Trust me. Go see this movie and you will love it. G-rated enough forfamily fun, romantic enough to take your girl, and thrilling enough togo out with a group of friends and come away with laughter, lessons andthe hunt for the Black Badger alone will have you asking "Did you seethat Twist coming?"

Rock On…

The Rock and the Soft Spot

Central Intelligence was hilarious. Sione Kelepi delivered aquintessential high school bullying victim who returns as DwayneJohnson’s portrayal of a super agent. Kevin Hart played the burnt outall star whose workplace nemesis is Ryan Hansen’s character. DanielleNicolet’s role as a supportive yet uncertain wife pit Dwayne and Kevinagainst each other for one of the movie’s funniest scenes. These twofinally joined forces and faced their grownup high school bully, JasonBateman, while defeating a crime syndicate. Rawson Marshall Thurber,the movie’s director, captured the comedic chemistry among this castwhile employing very basic cinematography.

Funniest movie I have watched in 2016 so far!

This movie was easily one of the funniest movies I have seen in quite awhile. The plot is focused around Calvin, an accountant who was verysuccessful now a failure and Bob (formally Robert) who was a failure inhigh school now ex-member of the CIA. Bob eventually gets Calvin tohelp him find encryption codes that have been stolen. The plot to thismovie, well, was not memorable. Why did I give it 10 stars then? I wasnot expecting a good plot. I was expecting comedy and fun and action,although not too much as that would ruin the comedic atmosphere andthis movie performed. Kevin Hart’s performance was outstanding in thisfilm and I would definitely be interested in watching more of the workhe is in. Dwayne Johnson in this film is awesome and I personally thinkthat he should be in more of these types of films; funny action movies.Would recommend it for anyone wanting a good time.

Little Hart and Big Johnson

Hysterical! Laughed so hard I cried! My sides hurt at the end! The Rockand his self- deprecating humor are a hit once again! Didn’t even knowthis was out. Never saw a preview of it. But I like the Rock so… whynot?! See it – you won’t regret it! Hysterical! Laughed so hard Icried! My sides hurt at the end! The Rock and his self- deprecatinghumor are a hit once again! Didn’t even know this was out. Never saw apreview of it. But I like the Rock so… why not?! See it – you won’tregret it! Hysterical! Laughed so hard I cried! My sides hurt at theend! The Rock and his self- deprecating humor are a hit once again!Didn’t even know this was out. Never saw a preview of it. But I likethe Rock so… why not?! See it – you won’t regret it!

Very funny and unexpected

I wasn’t expecting that this movie will be so enjoyable. It was funnyand with unexpected moments, that made me surprise, for example, DwayneJohnson – really funny and so into role so as Kevin Hart. Movie couldmake interest even in people who don’t like shooting movies, just likeme. Movie creators did something amazing – they made unusual role forDwayne Johnson. He was not like in other movies "serious cop" butbotanist – this is what I thought at the beginning and I was reallyinto it. And at that moment I didn’t understand why this movie wascalled Central Intelligence, of course I understood it it the end. Iwould suggest to watch this movie for everyone.

A+ great movie

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin hart had so much chemistry

The movie was well written There were scenes that mad the whole movietheater burst into full on laughter

But don’t get me wrong this wasn’t just a hilarious comedy it wasAction packed Central Intelligence had just the right amount of Drama

Kevin hart is hilarious

Dwayne Johnson(The Rock) played the part with emotion and furry it wasenticing

If you love Action-Comedy’s this movies for you

A+ movie I recommend you see this

The music choice in some of the scenes were perfect

I will put this movie in the top 5 movies in 2016 so far

The Best Buddy Action FIlm of the Century

I can’t say enough about this movie. From the action to the comedy tothe direction, everything involved was top notch. So refreshing to seeKevin Hart in a more serious role, instead of forcing comedy as many ofhis movies such as Get Hard become. The real star here though is TheRock who really gets to show off his comedic chops with his goofy andlovable character.

The other great thing is that the trailer did not give away the othercast members of the film. The story is also rewarding as there is solidcharacter development, all of which is can be familiar to many.Something that in a summer action blockbuster is usually non-existent.

Keep an eye out for Rawson Marshall Thurber (Were The Millers andDodgeball) as he is going to continue to be a rising star.

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