American Wedding Unrated Jason Biggs

Runtime: 1 hour, 43 minutes
Director: Jesse Dylan
Starring: Jason Biggs,Alyson Hannigan,Seann William Scott
IMDB: 6.3
Genres: Romance, Comedy
Studio: Universal Pictures
MPAA rating: Unrated (Not Rated)
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Get on the guest list for this Unrated rite of passage. Jim (Jason Biggs) and Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) are saying "I do," and Stifler (Seann William Scott) is planning the bachelor party!


I loved the first american pie, but was so dissapointed with the second.itwas too direct,lacked creativity, and got old. (sorry to anyone who loved it). but ii wasdelightfullysurprised with American Wedding. The sexual jokes flowed much better, itwasallsituational as opposed to ‘hahaha look at my wang’, and in general justgotmorelaughs. It is a great movie to see in the theater while your in the moodforsomethinglike that, and a lot of fun. although half the original cast is now gone,the remaining feware a good mix for the last of the american pie trilogy. stifler is kindacrazy andunbearable in the beginning but bear with it, it eventually works with thestory and getsbetter.This is such a cute movie.. and yes i use the word cute. Its hilarious,butnot so over thetop that it looses the sweetness of it, being the fact that the main pointof this movie isthe wedding of jim and michelle.What a great, mindless piece of entertainment!

Absoloutely Hilarious

American wedding is simply hilarious. It is as funny as the previous two.You just keep laughing and laughing. Seann William scott steals the show andso does Jason Biggs and Eugene levy. No pie but still a lot of fun. If youwant to have some big laughs then this is it.My rating- 10/10

I love American pie movies the great

Looking thru out takes on this movie yeah, I would have added the scenewere there at the head table of the wedding and were Michelle said yeahSteve you can be like Jim brother n law. that would have made a greatopening for the next movie. I’ve seen band camp and the naked mile alsowonderful movies, going to far with movies on stiffer but you mightbring back where Michelle and Jim just had their baby,(naked mile) andwant Steve and Michelle sister as the god parents also Steve just askedMichell’s sister to merry him and kinda have a reunion of all the castfrom the first American pie at Steve wedding. But idea- at the bachelorparty instead of the parents catching them. They go to a night club,well strip club and LOL one of the strippers that come’s out is Nada,Like I said reunion. well I have great ideas but you probably don’twant to hear me just jabber my mouth so maybe you can take these intoan effect and put it into the movie. Thanks a lot and I have everymovie and I’m looking forward to so many more. You have made a Americanpie to be come were you can take something off a movie or your pastmovies and keep going with so many more American pie. Love it.

sincerely, mark

mostly about stifler…SPOILERS

May be a SPOILER for some:

To me i thought this movie was mostly about stifler, i mean most of themovieshowed him screwing up and making the wedding even more difficult althoughhe did manage to fix up some of his mistakes and do some helpfulchores:

Screwups:Walked into the gay bar trying to find leslie summers, insulted leslie’sfriendsand then started the whole dance competition.

set up the bachelor party at Jims house when Jim was about to have thespecialtalk with Michelles parents.

accidentally fed the wedding band to the Michelles parentsdogs

ate dog poop

Killed all the wedding flowers

screwed Jims grandma


motivated the florist to set up more flowers

and taught Jim to dance.

Overall Stifler took up most of the movie, it was stillgreat

A good wholesome piece of, movie…

…If you have seen the first two American Pies, you should also see thisone. American Wedding doesn’t have all of the original cast, but still capsoff the climax of the series. This movie in my mind would have been the bestof the series if Stifler (Seann William Scott), was still in the role ofStifler. Actually, it probably is the best of the series. Stifler justdidn’t talk the same, he just wasn’t as smooth as usual, except for that onepart, ha ha, you have to see it. But really that was the only downside,Stifler was out of character, but he was still hilarious! Overall, the moviewas still filled with hilarious antics, smooth one liners, and of courseJim’s dad (Hilarious). Go see it, it really is funny!

I laughed, I laughed some more, I almost threw up, and laughed some more.

I gave this movie a 10 out of 10 because for a comedy it made me laughcontinuously. Not a minute was wasted. Even if the situation was totallyabsurd, as many were, the conviction of the actors in their roles wasenoughto keep it going. Stiffler and Finch’s rivalry reached new highs and lowsin this one as they compete for the affections of Michelles virgin littlesister Cadence. Fred Willards addition in this third movie was welcome,even if his role was subtle.

I can’t think of anything bad to say about this movie. The plots weresimplebut believable.. How complex can a wedding story be anyways. It madesense,it was funny, it was definately funnier than the second american not going to say it was funnier than the first but I definately laughedlonger and harder in this one. Well done.Plus Alyson Hannigan is somehow getting hotter as the moviesprogress.

Solid ending to a great comedic trilogy

When I reflect on a movie I’ve just seen, I try not to pull it apart andexamine each piece under a microscope. For me, a movie is more than justgood or bad scenes stuck together. I try to base my reviews on how the moviemade me feel overall. Upon that basis, American Wedding was nothing shortof fantastic. This movie is a solid end to a great comedic trilogy. Not onlycan you expect a theater roaring with laughs throughout the film, but thesame memorable characters you’ve come to love are back and better than ever.Everyone’s chemistry seems to work perfectly and (**Spoiler, I guess**) atthe end, when Michelle and Jim are doing the first dance, I practically feltlike it was my kid who just got married (‘sniff’, ‘sniff’). Full of laughsand gross-out scenes, but this one carries a lot of heart as well. 5 stars,10/10, 2 thumbs way up!

A good sequel to the other two!!

I went to see American Wedding yesterday and I loved it. It washilarious.It was just as good as the other 2. It was funny, but what could youexpectfrom the people who created the movies. Of course there would be no moviewithout the nudity. I took my dad and we was laughing harder than I hadever seen. It was a piece of work, but it will be a classic just like theother two. If you haven’t seen the others watch them right away and thenosee this, you’ll love it. I recommend it to anyone. Go see it, it likePorky’s in a way.

A Grand Finale!!!

American Wedding is the funniest film in the American Pie series. Mostof the original gang is back to see Jim and Michelle tie the knot. But,the two characters have to overcome a couple of obstacles. One obstacleis making sure Stifler behaves himself. Does he… not really. Stiflerthrows a bachelor party when Michelle’s parents are supposed to turnup, eats dog crap while saying it’s chocolate, losing the ring, andhaving sex with Jim’s grandmother. Stifler is by far the most funniestcharacter in the film, especially when he plays nice boy. Jim and hisfather are funny, too. I liked the part when Jim shaves his privatesand throws the shavings out the window and into people’s mouths andwedding cake. The characters are original and hilarious. The acting wasgreat, so was the directing. As with the first two films, there is agreat soundtrack. I recommend seeing this grand finale. I rate thisfilm a 10/10.

The Best kind of Pie

It was lacking some ingrediants, or cast members, but only an AMERICAN PIEmovie could make good of that issue.Its had a great soundtrack, like theothers It is hard to say which AMERICAN PIE installment is the best causethere all just one outrageous saga. This is a great (supposed) finish to theAMERICAN PIE series. Id say AMERICAN WEDDING had more laughs that both itspredeccesors, even though i never thought that would be possible. It alsowas a little sweeter. Id consider it more of a Wedding cake. if you likedthe first one and second, or at least one of those two, u like this oneequally or better. AMERICAN WEDDING delivers a super slice of guilty,raunchy pleasure. You laugh and laugh, and still laugh even the 20th time uwatch it…

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