American Rescue Squad Elliot Diviney

Director: Elliot Diviney
Starring: Tony D. Czech,Douglas Sidney,KariAnn Christensen
IMDB: 7.0
Genres: Adventure, Action, Comedy
Studio: Leomark Studios

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A Political Action-Comedy-Musical, with Super Heroes!

It Has It All

This movie has it all,comedy, action, drama, super hero’s, sex, music,and an education in politix. I believe a good movie has you thinkingand talking about it after you leave the theater. My wife and I havebeen talking about it since we left the theater Friday night. Some ofthose characters are unforgettable, especially Common Sense, PersonnalResponsibility, Richard Randolph, Bathroom Attendent, and of courseCornelius Pebblefoot. This movie has one objective–to save YOU the taxpayer. Oh yeah, and to make your sides ache from laughing. You mighteven come out of it humming or whistling a tune. Last comment—thismovie is not for your kids.

A feast!

… ‘saw the "Problem Solving the Republic" World Premiere at the TwinCities Film Fest on 10/19, and am still in the process of digesting allof the wonderfully spicy bits. What a smörgåsbord of over-the-top FUN!And, like a smörgåsbord, you will find things you love, things youdislike, things you haven’t had before, and things you will be goingback for. This movie manages to humorously (often with cringe-worthyresults) hit the mark on the "ignorance and arrogance" that arecorroding our country. Musical numbers, cartoons, super- heroes, andmany other "characters" all help to comically serve-up the message ofour political and social woes. This is a deliciously witty film….. itwill, without a doubt, leave you craving for the return of Common Senseand Personal Responsibility!

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